Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I got my Fire in the mail!

The long awaited JLI Fire action figure! Yea! I'm glad it came in a lot of packaging because it looked like the box it was mailed in was run over and someone tried to open it. Yeah it had "Fragile handle with care" on the box but it was still messed up. I haven't taken the figure out for display yet but it looks alright. Hopefully I can do a review with pictures sometime. Now I just need Tora (out in February) to complete my JLI of the most important members. The Fab five plus J'onn.


  1. Is this the new one? Gosh, you're lucky! I have Fire and Ice in their original ittsy-bittsy costumes, which are fine of course, but man, I would love to see them in their Kevin Maguire outfits.

    Ice's costume with the furry boots and the little t-shirt is one of my absolute favorites. And Fire's just...suited her so perfectly.

  2. Yep it's the new one! I'll do a full write up soon!