Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Time is Broken with Batman

I have a sort of love/hate attachment to Batman where I generally like him except for when he's an ass to other characters. But even that is confusing since thanks to current canon confusion (mostly due to Batman Inc.) his actions are even more insane.

Timeline and other confusion that's popped up in the bat books. So SPOILERS for those although some are old.

  • Wayne Tower is destroyed in the last issue of INC. but recently showed up fine in Batwing.
  • Jason Todds' helmet was tampered with after DOTF in RHATO. Damian was shown alive prior to Jason getting injured and it was mentioned that their team up as Wingman and Red Bird already happened. Although the next issue was marked as a Requiem tie in the death of Damian isn't mentioned and it directly deals with the aftermath of the previous RHATO issue. Jason thinks he was a failure as Wingman which doesn't make sense. (See below.)
  • Tying into RHATO Batman and Robin also has Jason staying at the manor to heal from the Joker incident while over in INC. Jason remained Wingman to fight against Talias' forces and saves Bruce at the end. The Batman and Robin arc directly deals with Damians' death.
  • Tomasi has also had Bruce grieving over Damian with the 5 stages of death. In two of those he's treated his sons horribly. But what's most baffling is Bruces' attempts to bring Damian back. First by trying to copy the Frankenstein experiment then trying to force Jason to remember how he came back to life. (*1) None of this makes sense because of the last issue of INC. where it's revealed that the body isn't even in the plot since Ra's Al Ghul took it. Then why was Bruce being such an ass to Jason when he couldn't even apply anything to Damian since he didn't know where the body was?! Doesn't anyone else besides Alfred know the bodies are gone?

*1 I'm wondering if there's a bigger lack of communication that everyone vs. Morrison. Tomasi and Tynion have talked over this issue. Tomasi has Bruce believing Jason came back via some non-Lazarus Pit means. While in Tynions' RHATO issues everyone seems to be telling Jason that Talia brought him back. Either that's a twist for Talia using some other means besides the pit (which raises a lot of questions given her father) or there was a serious misunderstanding here.

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