Friday, July 22, 2016

DC Collectibles: More DC Icons

More figures have been shown today with some awesome character choices. Two in particular that I'm happy about.

Nothing against this or any of the other figures I don't plan on getting I just have a select group of characters I collect. But these all look amazing regardless like as Ertigan the Demon in his classic look. This costume hasn't appear in the relaunch to my knowledge but DC Icons has stated their doing costumes from different points in DC history.


With the Suicide Squad movie it only makes sense to have Deadshot especially since Harley Quinn already has a DC Icons figure. I do wonder why some have extra heads and others don't though. Especially those that are masked.

Captain Marvel/Shazam

In the new 52 costume. Points for adding the book but the head--while well sculpted--looks more like Superman to me. Maybe I just think of him as looking more like Alex Ross drew him.


I think the only GL related character I'd get would be Guy Gardner but this is definitely a good look Sinestro. There has been some disappointment for collectors of this line when some of the male figures were released. With them being too short, not painted as well and apparent changes in the sculpts/something off in the molding process. Many weren't happy with the Superman figure for the last two reasons so here's hoping all of these turn out well.


While Catwoman does fall into my selected collecting rules this isn't the version I'd get. I just prefer the goggle version. Still this looks like another amazing figure.


I wanted a new Nightwing figure that wasn't bulky like the Capullo version but the face isn't right. It's a good sculpt but it's not a face I see for Dick Grayson. I'm also disappointed that maskless heads aren't included for the bat family. So many want them and Mattel has already started doing it with their lines. I'm leaning towards not getting this even though I want a new Nightwing. I might cave and get it just to have a bat family in the same scale but for now it's a pass.


Can you tell I'm REALLY excited about this ? Apparently it's a two pack and I heard they come with word bubbles but I don't see it listed or shown. This take on Blue and Gold is mostly geared towards their JLI days during the Kooey Kooey Kooey arc. I say mostly because Skeets is (thankfully) included although he's not the football shaped version that would be around during this time. The guys both have extra hands with drinks and what took me a while to realize were leis. I love the detail with Boosters' flight ring too.

They have a stack of money and Booster has an extra head where I think he's yelling. I don't know, I'm not fond of the head and wish it was maskless. I prefer the Booster Gold volume two costume but this set just makes me so happy. Maybe they can do another one with Booster and Rip Hunter later on? Either way this is a must buy for me.

It seems that there is also a "mystery figure" that wasn't announced. The silhouette seems to be male although it could just be a genetic image. I'm guessing it's not one of the figures that were announced but photographers weren't allowed to shoot. 

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