Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Artemis Merchandise

I showed some of the Starfire products so I thought I might as well do a posting about the ones associated with Artemis. This list is much shorter.

Much like Starfire there's a Tonner doll for Artemis.

DC Direct Artemis

I think this design was trying to make the Amazon look more modern. It's alright although it doesn't look as fluid as the latest design. I never really got why Artemis is usually dressed in cooler colors in most of her costumes. Yes, she's supposed to be the opposite of Diana but it doesn't fit her personality.

The figure looks well sculpted just a bit bulky. During this era of DCD the figures were more compact which doesn't really help with the design.

Artemis Heroclix

This was based on an unsuccessful reboot attempt of Wonder Woman. The shoulder straps are similar to Diana's when she didn't wear her jacket and once again Artemis is in a cooler color. I like the design but not for the character. I'm always impressed with the level of detail many of these Heroclix have and this is no exception. There's also a Wonder Woman version of Artemis that's pretty awesome.

Ame-Comi Wonder Woman Artemis

This seems to just be a colored variant of the Wonder Woman (Diana) statue. It's not really my style but I'm still impressed with what they were able to do with sculpting. It's a shame it's just a different paint job though.

DC Universe Classics Artemis/Wonder Woman

Pre-Sale pictures found here. This looks like the best Artemis merchandise I've seen but I've never seen it up close. The figure is based on her time as Wonder Woman and added some details like the wings of Hermes along with the bow/quiver. Many of the Mattel female figures suffered from small arms and hands. It doesn't look like Artemis does although she has a mostly reused Wonder Woman body. This appears to be a pretty solid Artemis figure although it is harder to get as it was a variant.

I'm not sure if I want to get into all the Bizzaro, Roy Harper and Jason Todd stuff since that would take longer. But maybe someday.


  1. Does Jason has a lot of merch? I was only aware of a couple of figures and statues.

  2. He has some cards, shirts, hats, socks, statues and four figures. It's more than Artemis at any rate. I mainly don't want to talk about the three figures that were based on less than stellar stories.