Saturday, August 12, 2017

DC Questions

Saw this online and thought it might be fun.

1. “Duet” from the Flash or “Mayheim of the Music Meister” from Batman the Brave and the Bold?

I don't remember Duet but I haven't seen much of Flash  but more than I've seen of Batman the Brave and the Bold.

2. Do you like the arrowverse? If so what’s your favorite show?

Nope. It's not really the Ollie and crew I care about. Animated DC shows are better than live action IMHO.

3. First comic read? 

Probably a Disney comic but DC comic? I honestly don't know, I read a lot of my sisters' comics which were probably Batman or Superman related. She had stuff around the Death of Superman period.

4. What introduced you to the DC universe? Was it a show, comic or movie?

The Dini animated series, my sisters comics and the Batman and Superman movies.

5. Favorite character?

It changes a lot but among them for DC are Booster Gold, Jason Todd, Artemis (Wonder Woman), Starfire, Cassandra Cain (Pre-Flashpoint), etc.

6. Favorite cannon ship? 

Lois/Clark. I usually like most iconic couples. These two are incredible together and I love seeing them as parents.

7. Favorite non-cannon ship?

I honestly can't think of one, nothing that I desperately want to become an official couple.

8. Pre-N52 or N52? 

Pre-New 52, I did give New 52 a chance and it did have some good stuff but it was a mess. No one had a solid idea how anything worked and took away what made me love DC.

9. Rebirth or N52?

Rebirth as it's trying to bring back the heart that was previously ripped away.

10. Death in the Family or Death of Superman?

The only good thing about DITF was Jason. The plot was horrible and nonsensical. It ignores the JLI, the fact Bruce as the legal guardian should have a copy of the birth certificate, etc. It was so contrived. DOS was just better written.

11. Favorite live action movie? 

Wonder Woman or the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton.

12. Favorite animated movie?

Batman Under the Red Hood but I prefer the original ending since the movie ending makes no sense.

13. DCEU or DCAU?

DCAU I guess.

14. Favorite member of the trinity?

Depends on the writer as they have all had writers that turn them into jerks.

15. Dark trinity or trinity?

Dark Trinity. My love of Jason Todd, Artemis and surprisingly Bizarro outweighs Clark Kent, Diana and Bruce Wayne. Blame it on Bruce.

16. Outsiders or Titans?

Titans I suppose though it depends on the line up.

17. Teen Titans or Young Just Us?

Judging by the way this is spelled out I assume it means the comics not the cartoons. TT as I haven't read much of YJ.

18. Favorite animated show? 

Justice League Unlimited. The stuff with the Question was incredible.

19. Favorite superhero family?

Bat family but I define some members as closer than others.

20. Young justice(show) or Teen Titans(show)?

I didn't watch YJ due to the Roy plot I was spoiled on which just seemed overly complicated. So TT which took a while to get used to the style and makes the Go version look far worse in comparison.

21. Do you watch Teen Titans Go?

No, I saw a little of it and it looked bad. Really really bad.

22. Favorite Robin?

Jason Todd. I've gone on about this in different entries.

23. So you prefer Superman and Wonder Woman or Batman and Wonder Woman?

As a romantic couple? I wrote about why Clark/Diana doesn't work so Bruce/Diana could be more interesting. Out the trio Clark/Bruce actually has the best chemistry. Serious see how Loeb wrote them and you'd swear they were together. But I'd prefer if they just gave these ideas a rest.

24. If you had total control what would you change? 

Too may things to list but I'd have Damian get Bruce to punish him for his crappy actions and mature. Bruce would actually be a father to all of his kids. Other writers would write Jason like Lobdell does not the random bad boy, class clown, dumbass, weakling B.S. More Cass, Steph and Tim. Barbara actually becomes a character I like again. Booster Gold gets a new series, etc.

25. Batgirl or oracle?

For Babs? Oracle, no contest. She was a badass that was one of the most useful characters in the DCU. Now she's an annoying know it all that thinks she's better than everyone else. She used to be one of my favorite characters now I can't stand seeing her.

26. Whos your favorite batgirl?

Cassandra Cain. She was the only one that made Batgirl an equal to Batman.

27. Batgirl and the birds of Prey or Redhood and the Outlaws?

No contest. BATBOP is a series I was warned off for all the pointless drama. Red Hood and the Outlaws has everything I love in a series.

28. Favorite comic run?

Jurgens first BG run, Johns/Katz BG, Lobdell's RHATO and I have to go through WE more to pick a favorite run.

29. Favorite comic artist?

I don't have a favorite but Dexter Soy has stood out this year.

30. Favorite comic writer?

Same as above. No favorites though I adore Lobdell's RHATO run.

31. Do you like the joker?

No. He's overused and few seem to know how to make him entertaining.

32. Who do you think is the most overused or overrated characters?

Besides Joker I guess Harley Quinn. I'm indifferent to her but she's everywhere.

33. Batman the animated series or Superman the animated series?

I remember more from Batman so that's probably telling.

34. Legion of Superheros or Batman Beyond?

Batman Beyond.

36. Justice league or Justice league Unlimited?

JLU. Better stories and more characters.

37. The Batman or beware the Bat?

Didn't watch either.

38. Who do you think is the most overlooked or underused character?

Rip Hunter. We know he's important but we rarely see him solving things by himself anymore.

39. Do you watch Gotham?

I did and I didn't like it so I stopped.

40. Do you like marvel?

Not anymore. I only like the Mayday Spider-Girl world and Scarlet Spider Kaine. Marvel screwed both over.

41. Jon kent or Damian Wayne?

Jon Kent. Damian has mostly been written as a irredeemable brat for years.

42. Renee Montoya or Vic Sage 

Vic. He's always entertaining, I did like them together though. They made a good team.

43. Kate Kane and Renee Montoya or Apollo and Midnighter?

The latter as the former wasn't right for each other. Not with Renee's behavior.

44. Barry Allen or Wally West?

Really because he did amazing and got screwed over royally. This is from someone that's not even a Flash fan.

45. Kara Zor-El, Stephanie Brown or Cassie sandsmark? 

Stephanie Brown then Kara Zor-El. Cassie has ticked me off in the past.

46. Kord Industrues, Wayne Tech or Lex Corp?

Wayne Tech, Kord Industries then Lex Corp. The only good thing that came from Lex Corp is Bizarro.

47. If you could have any characters powers who’s would you have?

Supergirl's powers.

48. Favorite villain?

As bad as it was to have Maxwell Lord go bad at least he was incredible in JLGL. He was amusing, sympathetic, a straight up as whole and just fun.

49. DC Bombshells, Injustice or Kingdom come? 

I haven't read enough to judge.

50. Injustice or the Arkham Asylum?

Injustice video game just because Arkham Knight pissed me off.

51. Justice League or League of Assassins?

JL. Tynion got me to hate the LOA but it would always be JL.

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