Friday, August 11, 2017

I want consistency

I'm not impressed with Marvel, each year they seem to find a new way to piss me off and drive away any lingering interest I had. Naturally Scarlet Spider gets messed up too.

I loved Ben Reilly and love Kaine Parker. They were both clones of Peter Parker/Spider-Man that had their own quirks. One of the best Spider-Men stories I ever read wasn't about Peter but the two of them. Ben was the "perfect" clone struggling to find his own identity and place in the world. Kaine was a failed experiment that hated Ben (believing he was the real Peter Parker) and they have a deep connection. They were enemies but Ben had faith in Kaine and offered him redemption. Some time after Ben died Kaine took on the Scarlet Spider mantle.

But Marvel had to mess with what was working with Kaine to bring back a bad guy version of Ben. I saw one page of the two fighting that pissed me off because of the way no one bothers to make sure any thing is consistent anymore. I mean these are huge parts of how the characters work.

Ben talks about Kaine's fighting:

  • He states how they should be evenly matched because their both clones of Peter Parker. Uh no, in the past even without the Other Kaine has always been superior to Ben. That's why he was dying at an accelerated rate, his abilities were all far more powerful. He was faster, stronger, bigger, and such a threat he took on Ben AND Peter on at the same time. Kaine was considered a failure because of this since he wasn't an exact copy like Ben was.
  • Ben says Kaine over thinks too much. KAINE. The guy that during the Spiderverse mini was described as an animal in a fight. That realized he'd have to use his head to win certain battles in his solo series. That is the most impulsive and brutal brawler of the Spiders. That Kaine?
  • This supposed over thinking is, in Ben's mind, because Kaine doesn't have Spider sense. This is only true if Kaine is possessed by the Other. If not Kaine still has an advanced version where he gets visions. Of course all of this should be moot since--
  • Spider Sense doesn't work anyway when Peter, Ben and Kaine fight each other. Why? Because they share the same DNA and it doesn't register. 


  1. It does make you wonder if the current writer has ever even read the previous issues of the book they are on.

    Marvel does some things so well... and some things so terribly.

  2. I really do wonder that a lot. The things I mentioned are basically basic stuff from their origins.

    Yeah, DC has it's faults to but at least they haven't driven me away like Marvel has.