Thursday, December 1, 2011

Batman The Brave and the Bold #13 & Teen Titans #3

Got these two at the bookstore so I just have to wait for Superboy to come in the mail and get JLD at my LCS. I never got a Batman: The Brave and The Bold comic before but this had all the Robins in it so naturally I had to buy it.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold #13:

This was cute, if you love the Robins I'd say get it whether you follow this series/the cartoon or not. There were some nitpicks, like the Phantom Stranger saying that all the Robins had to work together to save him when technically only one was needed. And why was a Robin or anyone close to Batman needed when another hero could have worked just as well? Regardless it was fun to see all the Robins together for the first time outside Tiny Titans acting more in character. Only I think they made Jason a little more distrustful than he needed to be, he should at least be comfortable with Dick being there. Also I will never think jokes like Damian knowing Jasons' fate and promising to deliver it sooner are funny. 

I did like Damian assuming he'd be able to control the League of Assassins before he realizes that the wouldn't know him (at that age maybe?) in the past. Then his "so that's how you do it" when Ras orders them later. I'm not sure if it was intentional but I like that Jason knows something more is going on given his history with Ras/the pit. He's also the only Robin on panel when Ras tells what the pit does. While I have a lot more listed below I did truly enjoy this issue, I just notice things.

Say what?: I know Jason should trust Dick a little more but what is Dick talking about when he says that he only knows a couple of the other Robins? He's in his first Nightwing costume, when he was taken he was with Roy saying how his friend should change his name too. This implies it was still a fairly new change. So wouldn't he just know Jason since none of the others showed up until Jason was out of the picture?

Damian is the only one that acknowledges what happens to Jason which is pretty messed up since everyone but Dick and Jason know what's going to happen. This issue is about trying to stop a death after all.

None of the Robins knew about the pit causing insanity? Although the idea that Batman is immune because he's Batman made me go "okay sure whatever." As does Ras great plan of driving him crazy via the pit because the insanity bit never lasts long. As Dick points out it happens to Ras all the time but he's clearly not insane here.

Did you notice?: Speedy/Roy Harper has blond hair.

When Steph snaps at Jason his back is going towards the Joker card.

Given the angle of that shot through the cape shouldn't the man Batman was saving be hit? Also Batman has no visible wounds.

Apparently Tim took off his green tights in between panels, through why he wants to do that in the snow before facing bad guys is anyone's guess. Maybe to impress Steph with his manly legs?

I know they want to show all the Robins fighting together but it makes no sense to have that panel just before Ras enters with Tim and Steph in tow. Because they were outside protecting Batman.

Panel of Batgirls: Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, Bette Kane, and Stephanie Brown. 

Teen Titans #3:

This was a lot of fun. The two page spread with what Bart does in a blink of an eye was masterfully done in both writing and art. It shows off how fast he is, doing multiple things before the others can take notice and being, well impulsive. If not for the details in the art the joke with him getting the fire hose then thinking "that reminds me" before whistling in the next room would have gone over my head. Maybe that's more of a guy joke but I cracked up when I noticed he was in the bathroom. I haven't been this entertained by Bart Allen since he was Impulse. He's smart, obviously knows stuff through reading up on it but he messes up when he rushes in. I love it. Not sure what's going on with Solstices' powers but she still seems to be the same character. 

Bunker was so much fun in this. He's comfortable with himself even if he doesn't know the full range of his powers yet. Happy to be a superhero and works nicely with Tims' personality. Hoping his hero didn't see him screw up and Tim pretending he didn't see it. I can't wait to see all of them together because the dynamics are great. Cassie continues to intrigue me and Skitter surprises with the reveal that she can switch back to her human form. 

Say what?: Solstice says Barts' thoughts are too much for her head. Is she telepathic?

According to Tim the people involved in project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. are all 20 something and younger. Does he mean the field agents because the big bad has to be older than that. 

Looks like Tim got his memories changed. Lobdell seems to be toying with the idea of memories in his titles.


  1. I just read the 3 Teen Titan releases this week and I must say they were a ton of fun. I enjoyed all 3. I had been saving JLD for the Friday night read, but I can already say I wish I would have waited. Lobdell has done an excellent job setting up a fun and interesting story. The art is fantastic. I am glad though that I was able to read all 3 in a short amount of time, not having to wait a month in between. I think this made me really get into the story.

  2. Yeah I like reading issues back to back too. I plan on doing this with Batwoman when I get the trade. This is the first time I truly enjoyed TT in a long time. Something was always off IMHO with Johns run. I enjoy reading these characters and seeing how they either get back to their roots (Bart) or become more interesting (Cassie.) I'll likely get JLD with JLI if it's still there or get it online.

  3. Oh Brave & the Bold. When they say it has all the Robins, it REALLY has ALL the Robins!

  4. Except for the 1 million Robin the Toy Wonder but all the human ones were present. ;)