Saturday, August 6, 2011

More expensive Stuff

Tonnor has some DC dolls (mostly women) that go into the $100.00 something range. What impresses me is that they didn't just do Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl (Babs), Poison Ivy and Harley. They also did a limited edition Huntress, Black Canary, (BOP represent), Catwoman, Hawkwoman, Mera, Teen Titan ladies Starfire, Dove, and Raven. Sadly the men don't always look great since Batman looks a little odd, they also have Superman, Green Lantern (Hal) and Aquaman.

They seem to differ in size as some are 13" and the TT dolls are 16" to 17".


  1. Oooh...pretty.

    I keep waiting for a Guy or a Booster figure...I'm still waiting.

  2. Sometimes I get tempted to get a couple of these despite the cost.

    I know, I did that with the 13" figures DC Direct had. It kind of ticks me off that some characters never get a chance to shine. At least Tonnor gave a few of the lesser known ladies a chance. And really, can you think of another hero besides Booster that would even have a doll? You know he'd sell it and he would come with all these outfits and variant costumes. I kind of want to make my own.

  3. Get the figures or make my own? I did sorta make a 12" Rip Hunter once.

  4. You did do an awfully nice job with you mini-mate fire and ice figures. I was thinking that you could probably do a pretty darned good job making your own...and for a lot less money.

  5. Thank you. I've tried in the past. I don't have the proper Booster head yet and the paint is driving me crazy. I tried to give Rip a new skin tone (his normal one is kind bright) and the paint turned gray. So it's a work in progress.