Friday, December 21, 2012

Batman and Robin #15


Looks like Damian has another selective memory lapse, because Damian didn't defend Bruce from the others. At all. He told his dad they had guests, asked why Jason was there, then said they could take care of themselves. Not once did he speak up for Bruce. While it's odd to have Damian talking to Titus I do think it's rather glaring that he noted that Joker left no evidence that he was there (except the animal waste.) That sounds familiar right? Like Bruces' claim that Joker couldn't have been in the cave because there was no evidence.

I have to say before I get any further that the art is amazing. Hands down the scariest version of this Joker. Very creative and twisted in a way Joker would find amusing. Despite finding Damian annoying in most titles after the relaunch I enjoyed this. Maybe because he got only on my nerves at the beginning. I'm surprised that this and RHATO haven't been as bloody as one would expect from DOTF tie ins. The only complaint I have is that Jokers' attack on Damian doesn't feel as personal as other attacks are. Joker even steers clear of calling Batman his father and calling him a father figure instead. Which is kind of odd since he's referred to him as "daddy-kins" and such with other Robins. He seems to be more upset with the idea of Robin in general than with Damian. The only personal bits seem to be where he mentions them fighting prior to this and what I think is a nod at him knowing Damian challenged the other Robins. A mention of Damian thinking he's better than the others but not as much meta as the rest. Is it because Damian doesn't have much of a life outside being Robin? I thought he would have issues with each member that varied from the others. 

Did You Notice?: The art nod to Bruce falling into the cave when he was young as Damian falls pass the birds.

Damian was in a giant egg? I didn't notice this until the second reading.

Say What?: If you want to be nitpicky about it Jason never screamed when Joker beat him. He grunted but never screamed.

How did Damian know Joker was referring to the Killing Joke when he mentions sharing a laugh with Batman? Because it sounds a little vague. I mean he couldn't have just attacked one amusement park like place? I doubt Bruce would have told him what happened.

I find it interesting that despite all the bad things people have said about Jason over the years Joker says Damian is one that's different than the others.

Just saying I think it's funny that Damian doesn't get Jokers' references. That just fits so well.

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