Monday, December 24, 2012

A year of comics I read in 2012

Here's my two rules: Besides having to be released this year it has to be something I read. That means it can't be something like "this character still hasn't appeared" or "Wonder Woman killed this character in her book, I saw scans."

Biggest Surprise Read:

Sword of Sorcery. Don't get me wrong, I thought I might like it just not as much as I do. This book is so good I'm constantly amazed how much I adore it each month. For ages I was looking for a female lead book to follow and this has been the best out of the series I've tried since the relaunch. Great art, solid characters and an engaging read.

Biggest Disappointment:

Hands down Worlds Finest. There were other books I didn't like but there was always some doubt with those books. I didn't think I'd be this let down with Worlds Finest. This title is such a mess. The leads aren't empowering women. Their annoying, at times sexist (Power Girl needs to sleep her way in the business field?), and the purpose of the series is still up in the air. There's just too many things wrong with it some of which I haven't even mentioned here. Kevin Maguire is an amazing artist but he's not enough to make me keep paying for something I don't like.

Most Annoying Disregard for Canon:

I will say that Morrison did have a rival for this spot but I'll save that one for later down the list. Morrisons' Batman Inc. gets it simply because he's done it for more than one issue. Yes, I read three issues of Batman Inc, although I only reviewed #4. For a guy that loves bringing up old canon he's awful at keeping certain things right when it doesn't work like he wants them to. Morrison twists plot elements to suit his needs regardless if they make sense for the characters or works with what the other writers are doing. In #2 Talia drugs Bruce to create a baby, something most writers thankfully ignored. #4 has Jason Todd appearing, apparently patching things up with Bruce off panel in a role that makes no sense regardless of the universe they were in. Now other writers have to make sense of that latter plot. In Talias' case it didn't even need to happen since Bruce and her always had a thing! But basically what this boils down to is research is needed. Not just for Morrison but his lack of research was the most noticeable.

Best Supporting Character:

Lady Graciel, Amayas' mother in Sword of Sorcery. She's badass, loving and so damn strong. She lost her husband, gave everything up to protect her daughter and has to deal with her sister trying to kill her. Graciel isn't sugary sweet either as she still maintains a sense of a mother trying to put up with her daughter--well--acting like a teenager. She gets annoyed but balances that well with her role in her royal house.

Best Nod to Superdickery:

Anyone that reads Superman interacting with the Time Masters has seen him be a dick to both Booster and Rip. But he recently showed up in RHATO. When they make it clear that they don't want to talk to him the man of steel follows them and they fight. You can say they started it but his superior attitude sort of reminds of his dealings with other heroes. Sure Superman can be awesome but I get a kick out of seeing this side of him especially when it's mentioned in the comic. Like Jason says "He's kind of an ass. Even when he doesn't mean to be."

Best Character Development:

I can't pick a best character but I can tell you who's made the most progress in a year. Hands down it has to be Jason Todd. I'm not just saying this as a fan. He's made leap and bounds over his angry return as Red Hood. In terms of this series he's calmed down and opened up A LOT thanks to Kori and Roy. This is someone that had trouble acknowledging Roy being right now expressing (if briefly) how impressed he is with Roys' arrow creations. I can actually believe that he won't be nearly as affected by the Joker as he previously was. That's no small task for a character that was previously driven by the past.

Character that Annoyed me the Most:

Damian Wayne. I liked him pre-Flashpoint but after? He has literally gotten away with murder. Twice. Unless Bruce gives the others this treatment it reads as favoristm. Plus the growing trend of "the kids with the Wayne blood are superior to the adopted kids." Yes Damian implied this when he first met Tim Drake but it's been repeatedly beaten by various writers since the relaunch. Whether it's making Damian look better than the people he fights (which should be superior to him) or Helena stating her genes make a bad guy that's basically a nuke no big threat to her health. With Damian it's more than eye rolling to see a 10 year old behead grown men, tigers, etc. Yes Cass could be a little too super human at times but the writer played with her faults better. Damian seems to excel at everything.

Worst Book of the Year:

Justice League International Annual. I could have made this the worst character derailment but this comic was worse than that. The writers ignored most of the actual comic series it's self which felt like a big screw you to the readers. I try not to see things like that but think about it. As someone that invested time and money on the relaunch series since #1, that enjoyed the characters then told none of that mattered. Having all of that sweep under the rug to do their own take and totally destroy the team. Not only did it feel like an insult to the fans but I can't help feeling bad for Jurgens who had his work ignored. At least CTIC had the Ted and Booster friendship to make it special. Now Boosters' back to no one liking him, being a loser that lies for no reason, Skeets is just an anti-virus and now Rips' erased with Booster. Thanks again Johns, we can't tell something's a big event without needlessly killing or derailing a character.


  1. JLIA seconded for Worst Book of the Year. Here's hoping Booster and his supporting cast are treated better in 2013 than they were in 2012.

  2. Keep hope alive! Booster and co deserve better than the treatment they got.

  3. Yup. JLIA was something of a kick in the teeth, especially after the fairly nice way that they wrapped up the series.


    It has been something of a weird year for comics.

  4. That it has. Here's hoping for a solid new year!