Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sword of Sorcery #3


There's really not much I can say about this book that I haven't mentioned already. The color pops and really helps make this world stand out. For those of us that wanted Amayas' mother to look a little different than her daughter the art changes her look enough to make sure there's no mistaking them. Although it's mentioned once again that she does take after her mother in appearance, someone going as far as saying Amaya looks just like her mother did at her age. I always thought Harry Potter did a wonderful job introducing readers into his world and I have to say this is the best intro I've seen in comics. Each issue gives more information building an already rich world.

We learn as Amaya does how her powers work as she trains with them for the first time. It's also revealed that "First Home" is Earth, where the people of this world originally came from. A clever twist that explains why everyone (sans the magic) are like people from Earth, Amaya also learns she has ANOTHER relative her mother never told her about, her uncle on her mothers' side. Bhoj doesn't have the right genes/traits to inherit the family powers hence he doesn't pose a threat to anyone. He's happy not to chose sides as that's the only thing keeping him alive. It's also implied that he flatters often and brags a little too much making his sisters doubt if he's being sincere.

Mordiel finally meets her sister and her niece. Already distrusting her aunt Amaya points out that she can't be fooled since she had Mordiel in her head and knows she's full of malice. Plus she tried to force Amaya to kill her mother. Graciel knows their house has to have an heir and that both sisters know Amaya is the only hope they have of continuing the line. She suggests them giving up their power in favor of making her daughter the ruler. The counter offer Mordiel gives is that Graciel give up her power while she adopts Amaya. Otherwise she plans on killing Graciel. So the meeting goes how everyone expected though Graciel admits she had to try. Later on Amaya decides to look into who took the crystal (Constantine) and goes off by herself much to the others' alarm.

The only thing I think might confuse new readers is all the characters being set up. As a subplot involves a mate of one of the hunters slain vowing vengeance. Her lover might have been killed by Amaya (I have to look back at that issue) which would really expand that story beat. I don't have a problem with this myself by I might make a post entailing all the characters introduced, etc. It's a fun world to look into.

Beowulf ends for now although it promises to pick up in 2013. Basically it's what we expected, this is the future after humans had a war with the metas. I was more interested in the characters than the reveal.I liked the story/art so I'm happy to see it's returning. The next mini story sounds a little different. I guess we'll see how that goes.

Did You Notice?: The mention of the Eclipso diamond.

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