Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Worlds Finest #7 preview

This is seriously cheesy. SPOILERS AHEAD

Let me get this straight. Helena automatically trusts Damian despite saying he recklessly endangered others and thinking he was unfit to be Robin. Damian believes her story without doing a DNA test and thinks she's great because their related? Then they hold hands? WHAT-THE-HELL. That doesn't make sense or fit the characters. The only good thing about that page, which I suspect is the reason for the hand holding, is Karas' reaction. Because she's the odd one out here.

"You're sort of me" I guess she means that he's arrogant, otherwise not really. They don't have that much in common. If they shared the same mother as well as father I might see it. They don't and were raised differently.

Why is he still calling her thief when he just called her by her name? He could at least come up with a different kind of insult or nickname. The scene with them talking about wild animals...that's just bad. Not just how they talk but the fact Damian is still more skilled than his adult "sister." Plus he's able to fling a wolf that's bigger than he is?


  1. Well...the art was nice. Gosh but I do love Kevin Maguire. But yes...the story was...weird. And Damian's dialogue was just so very very peculiar!

  2. Yeah, I'm not going to get this one. I'm off this book again. I won't get anymore issues unless there's a new writer or I get suckered into getting another bat family reunion. The last one is a maybe.