Saturday, December 1, 2012

Booster Gold Dangling Plot Threads

I was thinking about all the things that never got tied up in the second series so this is the start of the list.

  • Just what happened between Rip, Jason/Rex, and the rest of the Time Masters? And why wasn't Jason/Rex erased? The Time Masters (Jeff, Bonnie and Corky) are only mentioned under Johns both in JSA and his run with Katz. Although the BG version of their deaths was credited to Jason Goldstein but their past was never fully fleshed out. When Jason is erased they don't come back to life. Why not? Why does Jason exist as energy? It's never explained.

  • Speaking of people that should be erased but exist as energy beings what happened to Alex from the Flashpoint world?

  • Rips' fall out with the Linear Men. While it appears to be based on different points of view on temporal anomalies it doesn't seem to add up. Rips' never showed negative reactions to T.A.s before, in fact both Waverider and Chronos 2 worked for him in the past. Both of them were willing to die for him/his cause. The cyborg version of Rip from the 90s actually rebelled from them to protect hypertime.

  • What happened to Sondra Crain and Gracie Green? The fact that Jurgens introduced Sondra then made Gracie important enough to save seemed like it was meant to be a serious plot point.

  • What happened with the scarab/who showed up in Teds' lab? Not that any of this can be revealed now since Ted doesn't seem to currently exist, at least not as Blue Beetle. During "Dead Ted" Booster brings Jaime to said lab only to discover someone was in it recently. He notes that only Ted or himself could enter as it was coded to their DNA. He even says the same phrase the figure says as he enters. Then again Black Beetle shows up with his scarab when he returns.

  • Who is Black Beetle and just what is he trying to do? He has claimed to be "Joshua", Hector, and Jaime. Of course he also lies more than any other character in the series and given the premise of the series is lying to protect Boosters' secret that's saying something. This guy always seems to get what he wants one way or another. Did he really want Ted to live? One would think he would have stopped him from going back if that were true yet he seemed to push Ted into the time sphere. Skeets scanned him and while the results were solid he refused to tell Rip.

  • Rani, did she stay? Was she adopted by Michelle? Who was she supposed to become? (Before anyone asks no I don't care about the potenial crazy Booster plot.)

  • How much of the series happened in the new 52? Where's Michelle? What happened to Rip?

  • Who is Rips' mom? What's his real name? Is he still Boosters' son?

I think I got all the big ones.


  1. I still assume that one day, maybe not so distant from now, Dan Jurgens will reveal what he had in mind for Black Beetle at issue 50. I'm sure Jurgens has something in mind that he's holding onto in case the opportunity comes up for him to deal with it. But time is passing, and I just really... need... to... know.

  2. Ditto. There was also a parallel he seemed to be drawing with Black Beetle and Rip. In Day of Death he looked more like Rips' arch enemy than Boosters'. There's two panels of them side by side in the same pose. His speech to Rip at the start could easily be applied to him too. I'm not saying he's Rip but there seemed to be a connection. Except for RRs' issues I think Black Beetle was the only one to outsmart him.

  3. Booster and Rip both seem to be on the back burner at the moment, but occasionally...very occasionally, some mention of them is made. Just enough to keep my hopes up anyway.

  4. I know but it's hard for me to be happy with just getting mentions. I mean we went from a time we were getting an ongoing, a 6 part mini series and a 24 part bi-weekly series to this? For now my bat love and Sword of Sorcery is keeping me distracted from the lack of Time Masters.