Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cyclops' Love Life Summed up in a Panel

Right after Scott asks Madelyne Pryor if she's really Phoenix/Jean Grey. Later on he'll run out on her and their infant son. Then much later he'll cheat on Jean with Emma Frost. Logan has more class around the ladies than Scotty does.


  1. I've always enjoyed that particular scan. If anyone deserves to be punched in the chops, it is Cyclops. And yet...I still don't hate him, he can be amusing in small doses.

    But he sure does treat his women like crap.

  2. I don't hate Scott but I have zero interest in his romantic life. Maybe I don't hate him because I like him with the original X-Men and find him somewhat entertaining.

    Still I do enjoy this panel and I honestly do like Maddy who got a real raw deal. Scott is awful with women and for some reason seems to be obsessed with telepaths.

  3. Not really, Logan also knocks up women and leave them. The difference is - he often kills his cildren afterwards, knowingly or not ;)

  4. That was more a joke. :P The X-Men in general don't have the best and most lasting relationships.

  5. From an anon:" How is it that when women hit men its always justifiable.

    I mean I know what Scott did and thats bad, but can you imagine if he was a woman and Madelyne a man and this happened?"

    I didn't say it was always justifiable. I wasn't making fun of the fact the guy is being hit by a woman. I was commenting on the fact that this summed up his love life going forward i.e. being screwed over by writers/editorial etc. Maddie herself was as well (let's not even get into the Nate Grey subject.) I was joking about Logan having a better love life than Scott but not the fact he was getting hit. I didn't want to get into this because it's a little long but I like the panel from a meta standpoint not just what it says about Scott (what will be done with him) but Maddie.

    I like Marvel clones (Maddie, Ben Reilly and Kaine.) All three had moments where they question what they are. How close they are to their donors and how much free will they have. For Maddie to punch Scott--someone she was literally made to love--says a lot to me. Scott wants her to be Jean. We later learn Sinister wanted her just to make Grey/Summers babies and although she doesn't know the extent of it Maddie rebels against the idea of being a Jean stand in. This moment highlights that because Scott outright asks her if she's Jean Grey. If I remember correctly everyone else that had that gut reaction of "you look like Jean!" had gotten over it at this point. She doesn't know Mastermind is making Scott doubt who she is, it only reinforces the idea that he only loves her because he sees/thinks she's Jean. Maddie wants to be loved for who she is and it's not so much that she hits Scott as the rejection of the idea of becoming this woman for someone else despite programming that makes this scene. It's really something you can appreciate after knowing the full story.