Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nightwing spoilers

I didn't get the issue because of scans online. No, not because of the Helena B. controversy but rather the writing. Thoughts and SPOILERS below.

I don't like the writing at all. Bruce and Dicks' conversation just feels so off. It reads as someone trying to explain why the Grayson storyline will happen by sledgehammering pieces that don't fit. These are the things that don't work for me outside the dialogue.

  • Having Dick act as a spy because Spryal wants to uncover Batmans' operation. Uh I know Morrisons' stuff is vaguely in canon but wasn't a big part of that Kathy Kane. You know, the former Batwoman that killed Talia? She knows who Batman is and most of his secrets.
  • Bruces' other reasons for why Dick is perfect for this spy thing. That the other heroes couldn't cut it, would give up or the implication they'd give up information. That wouldn't happen. In fact it makes more sense to use Tim or Jason since they both work better in shades of grey (no pun intended) than Dick. Jason makes the most sense as he actually has a in because of his time as Wingman when he sort of teams up with Kathy. He's also legally dead and uses guns.
  • Are we supposed to agree with Bruce as he's beating Dick so hard he spits out blood in their sparring? It just comes across as him being an asshole again with his "my way or the highway" spiel. He basically tells Dick the others are too weak and Dick has to chose to be like him or them.
  • "Are you my boy?" ...When has Bruce ever said that to his Robins? Plus that sounds like another way to emotionally manipulate one of his kids. Remember his lovely counter argument to Jason not wanting to trigger his PTS on the remote chance of remembering something that might help Damian? Yeah this has the same feeling to it.
  • Plus Dick was JUST tortured and almost died. Not only is Bruce separating him from the comfort of people that love him, he's beating him up and sending him on a freaking mission.
  • I don't understand why Bruce is being such a jackass about keeping this from the others. They already lost Damian and the family needs to stick together when things get bad. Everyone knows this is going to blow up in his face when the others find out. That is a given. All of them can keep a secret, they've been doing it for years! Jason is STILL legally dead and managed to keep his return from them for awhile.
  • I really don't get the vibe that this new status quo is going to last.
I will be getting a few issues and will reserve judgment until then but I don't expect much. I'm also leery since the same writer is covering the Jason/Kate/Barbara sections in Batman Eternal. We'll see how this turns out.

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