Friday, May 30, 2014

Secret Origins #2

I don't really get the point in this series, at least re-telling the origins of characters that already had their origins told during #0 month. I'm a little behind on my reviews but this one was short enough for me to feel like writing something about it.



This was the most tedious of the three origins. Even the story says that we all know it even if we aren't aware of all the details. Nothing new to it that I noticed, it even takes a great deal of Snyders' Year Zero without explaining that version of "I'll become the bat."


I'm not a big follower of Aquaman so most of this was a surprise for me. I thought he was adopted by Curry and his birth father was the king instead of his mother being royalty. I liked this even if it brushed over much of his past like his teams (the Others/JL) and relationship with Mera. Knowing his connection with Black Manta came about because of a misunderstanding that led to him unjustly murdering BMs' dad? I didn't see that one coming although I noticed the switch blade wasn't open in the art.


This was actually the best out of the bunch since it didn't skim her history and focused on one part of her life. The murder of her parents, Komand'r crowning and the reason Koriand'r was singled out for being sold into slavery makes sense. I assumed Kom was the queen and acted as a parent for her sister before they were attacked so this does change the dynamic some. The sisters were close before their world was changed and this brings that home. The bond between Orn, Kori and the rest of the slaves is further explored from their introduction in RHATO. I'm not sure what the deal with Helspot wanting Kori experimented on but it doesn't distract from the plot.

Lobdell also expands on Koris' "most cherished memory" explaining that it was the first time she used her powers. There's also a twist I wasn't expecting on Kori being forced to become addicted to drugs by her captors. It's not shown but I don't have a problem with this. In the last verse she was raped while a slave which we thankfully don't have alluded to. The drug idea does have another possible connection for her and Roy. We also learn here that the starship the Starfire (which she obvious gets her name from) that she commanded was the ship she won her freedom on. A nice story that gives more than the other two by focusing one part of the origin. I hope Lobdell does this with Jasons' origin because his take in #0 did skim the Robin period. I'm considering that one although I still think some of this retelling thing is silly.

Also there's still no mention of her younger brother Ryand'r.

I only got this issue for more of Starfires' origin so unless you want to see that I wouldn't recommend this because the others weren't really new.


  1. Yeah, haven't been getting these. I already KNOW all of the origins that I need to, and if these are updated, I don't

  2. Yeah I got this because I wanted more Kori in general. I like her new origin because I really like the idea of her being close to her sister. It adds a twist that gives them more depth. If Arsenal has one I'd likely get it because his origin is barely hinted at. All we know is that he had a falling out with Ollie & that they worked together.