Monday, May 19, 2014

Preferring the family over Spider-Man

I've come to realize that like Batman I mostly prefer the rest of the family over Spider-Man. This wasn't always the case but after OMD I can't find myself caring about him except in the MC2 verse. I quit Marvel altogether after Spider-Girl was cancelled. I haven't cared for what I've heard about Peter Parker since and just feel indifferent towards him in general. It's funny but for as controversial as the Clone Saga was...I like a lot of the characters/ideas that came from it. Mayday Parker, Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker.

In fact I'm mighty tempted to get the trade to Kaines' run of Scarlet Spider. It looks fun despite the characters' dark. I told myself that I wouldn't get any Marvel comics until Spider-Girl returns (and hopefully gets that huge hanging plot thread tied up since it's been hanging for over a decade!) But this seems like a good read.

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