Thursday, May 8, 2014

DC Collectibles Superboy

I got this on a whim, while I like Superboy he's never been one of my top 20 list.

Comic Accurate Likeness: This version is the "Tron" like suit that Superboy (Kon-El) receives from project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. I always liked it, simple, different, and something you can buy being given to him by his creators. This is one of the few figures you could say can act as a stand in for more than one character as Kon-El is the clone of Jon Lane Kent, the future son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. I haven't read the Jon stories although I know he was dying and brainwashed into being a bad guy. I like the idea of him though, if only because Jon and Kon are the only proof of Lois and Clark in the main 'verse. I believe there's some changes to the outfit under different artists and I'm not aware of this figure being based on any particular style. No complaints here. RATING: 10

Sculpting: By James Shoop. Normally I would say this was excellent work. The face certainly looks better than I expected based on earlier pictures. Superboy stands straight not in some tilted position (although let's be honest, that's usually a problem with the female sculpts.) I'm not a fan of the closed first and think that figures in general should have more open hands that can grip. Here we have one grip hand and the other is a fist. Technically it doesn't need to hold anything but I've always felt the option should be there regardless. The real problem for me is the sculpting in the chest. Maybe they thought it wouldn't be noticed with black paint, maybe the factory warped it a little. The "S" symbol and the abs are off center going to far to the right. The muscles by the left arm have to much space while those on the right look too squished into the abs. This is the main thing that made this figure such a disappointment for me. I would like to have a Superboy figure next to the Red Robin figure but now I'm considering selling it. Hopefully future releases won't have this problem. RATING: 5.0

Paint Job: There are a handful of places that are missing paint on the uniform, usually around the sections where the black and red are near each other. The black sections would look like a easy fix and the red could be ignored at a distance. Mine has a small problem around the left eye. The black of the pupil is barely there and there's a small run off around the eye that looks like he's tired/has a shiner or make up running. Since the bangs hang over the eyes it doesn't stand out too much but it's still noticeable in hand. RATING: 7.0

Articulation: Judging by the prototype pictures there has been some added articulation which should be a huge improvement. But despite it the movement is still limited. I still think an ab/chest joint should be standard but it's not a make or break here. I don't feel that double elbow/knee joints are needed for all figures, just active character like Gotham based heroes. RATING: 6.0

Accessories: There aren't any accessories so despite wanting to give this a zero I'll just say that I think there should be something. I got this figure at a discount but normally their $24.99 and it'd be nice to have more bang for your buck. I will be rating this section in the future for lack of accessories just not this time.

Misc: I don't know where else to put this since it never came up before but it needs to be mentioned. This figure stinks, I mean that literally. As soon as I opened it I smelled a mix of plastic and B.O. I heard of the He-Man line purposely doing this but why would any company that's action figure isn't a skunk want it to smell like one? I didn't even get any further than taking it out before I had to do something I never did with any previous figures. I dunked it in a tub of soapy water, which did nothing so I left it in the tub scented soapy water for about a hour. Superboy briefly smelled like lavender then went back to a plastic-y scent but it's a vast improve. Seriously what's going on if the plastic reeks? I've heard of this problem when Vibe came out. RATING: 0

Comparison to other figures: As a teen figure Superboy is supposed to be shorter than the adults. As you can see with Green Arrow that's not really the case which is disappointing. The movement is stiff to the point I'm afraid I'll break it where else Mattel and DC Direct figures are smoother. RATING: 7.0

Overall: This wasn't one of my must haves so I'm not as disappointed as I normally would be. I think I'll try to sell it since I'm not really impressed. If you have to have Superboy for your collection since you love the character, need it to complete your super family/Teen Titan collection then get it. Otherwise this is a easy pass.

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