Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another Spider Book I'd like to have

I haven't brought anything from Marvels' superhero books for years except for a few books that have Scarlet Spider or Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker.) But other than the Spider marriage coming back there is a title idea I could support that I'm surprised hasn't been used yet.

A Spider team up book based on all the Spiders sans Peter. Sure we have a title dealing with Spider characters jumping into different dimensions but this would be Marvel Prime located. We'd have:

Agent Venom
Spider-Girl (Anya just because she's the one in present canon.)
Spider-Man 2099 (I heard he was in the past.)
Spider-Man (Miles)
Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
Madam Web
Silk (Sans the Parker attraction.)
Spider-Woman (Jessica)

Kaine would still be on the New Warriors but have to deal with the "web of destiny" stuff since he's kind of the chosen one. Well him and Silk I guess but the Other always got more attention. Julia's attempted guidance would get more focus especially since she's struggling with visions and Kaine had experience with that. It also occurred to me that a lot of these characters have kids, either their own or ones they sort of adopted to look after. There would be personality clashes and it'd be fun.

If I'd have to drop characters I'd pick the teens because since I'm more invested in what the other characters would be like interacting with each other.

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