Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Rebirth Creative Teams

Some news found here and here. Art found here.

Batbooks: Mainly written by Eternal writers? Not surprising but pretty disappointing.

Johns asked Tynion about coming on board "Detective Comics," which is returning to its classic numbering, alongside "Action Comics." "What's always embodied this book is a willingness to try new things and be very daring. What I wanted to do is a run that brought us a take on 'Detective Comics' that you haven't seen -- this is Batman boot camp run by Batman and Batwoman. This is the Batman team book I've been waiting for my whole life, and I hope you have, too."

In the cast: Spoiler, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain and Clayface. "We can't reveal too much about what he's doing on the team, but he's right there, front and center. Topping the whole cake is Batman and Batwoman, running this time, side-by-side, as a real cohesive unit." Interior art by Eddy Barrows was shown.

I want to see more Kate but I don't trust him after RHATO and Eternal. Please don't let him (or any of the other Eternal writers) handle Jason. This sounds like Tim is taking orders while Damian is in TT. Tim looks more like a Robin which makes it seem like a step back for him. Cass looks like a prototype for a Talon.

I like the new Huntress costume.

Titans: I think everyone guessed who was on the team and writing the book based on TH. I'm not thrilled since I find that book pretty forgettable. I'm not loving most of the costumes, I keep seeing Roys' and thinking it's another character.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Nice to see no one from Eternal will be writing but I'm not too excited about the two characters that will be joining especially Bizarro.

Blue Beetle: Keith Giffin? Well Ted Kord is supposed to be in it so it's something interesting.

So far...I hate to say this but I'm not really excited about anything. I might try out a few of these if I see more about them, the Super Sons book looks cute.


  1. Honestly, the reveal of Rebirth's titles was kind of underwhelming, still, it seems to have more interesting stuff going on than DCYOU did.

    I'm willing to give King the benefit of the doubt on Batman but I don't have high hopes for it considering is pushing Duke as well (Batman 50 was one of the worst comics I've read and I had the small hope it would be ignored by the next creative team)

    Detective Comics is a huge no for me. Tynion has proved again and again that he can't write batfamily stories that doesn't read like fanfiction (hell, giving Tim his original costume and slapping the RR on his chest is beyond idiotic)

    I am curious for the new Batgirl's team. I mean, can't be worse than Tarr, Stewart and Fletcher right?

    I'm actually sad about Titans. TH has been mediocre at best and I don't trust Abnett to handle Roy properly (and his new suit is horrible). Roy still has the tats so hipefully they aren't retconning his time with Jay. now THAT would make me really mad.

    Curious to see how they handle TT now. While is pretty obvious that the line up is all about synergy with the new animated movie, I wonder if DC realizes the way Kori is coming off with this decision. She seems to revolve entirely around the Robins now.

    RHATO is totally unexpected but damn if the idea doesn't has potential. Jason leading an "edgy" trinity is on par with Sinestro leading his own corporation fueled by fear, an idea so obvious that is surprising it hasn't been done before. Even better, Lobdell is at the helm so I know he will treat every character with respect.

    BB has an interesting premise but I'll admit I'm curious at the idea of having pre N52 Superman and N52 Superman at the same time.

  2. I guess I was expecting more because this does feel very underwhelming.

    To be fair Snyder has been pushing for Duke for awhile so it's not really surprising. I haven't kept up to date but I heard he set something up for more development.

    Yeah Tynion seems to have trouble writing the family. He tends to fall into clichés, nonsensical writing, pandering and favoritism. I want more Tim but this looks like a HUGE step back. DAMIAN is taking his spot in TT, Tim is under Bruces' control and he's in what's basically his original Robin suit. So much for progress.

    Honestly I don't pay much attention to the Batgirl news since Eternal took the unlikable traits of the character and blew them up to the point I can't stand to see her. Which is really saying something because she used to be one of my top ten female characters.

    I don't know how much their retcon in general but that would piss me off as well. I don't expect quality to go up in the ongoing and I don't like how Roy is being handled in TH. I don't like the costume either.

    Yep and it also gives the vibe that she can't stay interested in anything long. I'm curious what personality they will give her in TT.

    I wonder if the "dark" part means Jason will go bad or that their willing to kill. I hope the latter. Lobdell has been better at writing Jason than most DC writers but it also depends what direction DC wants.

    I feel like I need more information to decide but if nothing else Ted Kord is around.