Monday, March 28, 2016

DC Rebirth Solicits for June

Found here although the some of the images are messed up.

Besides possibly getting DC Universe: Rebirth #1 it doesn't look like I'll be getting anything new. I'm hoping it mainly deals with the legacy stuff.

Female Earth GL finally comes true though. Since Guy, John and crew are still lost it mind take awhile for them to show up in the GL title.

I didn't expect a Red Hood/Arsenal #13 but I'm glad there won't be a gap between this series and RHATO VOL. #2 I won't comment on the summary for now but I love the cover with the woman deciding to take a selfie of them. No idea what the tone of the issue will be but it's much more lighthearted than the cover for the last issue for RHATO VOL. #1.


  1. I sure hope RH/A gets a better resolution than RHATO. While I still maintain Lobdell did the best he could with the hand they dealt to him, it was one of the lowest points in the series.

  2. Hold the phone... Superman and Lois are still married! Finally!