Sunday, March 27, 2016

So Scott Lobdell...

Or rather the reaction many have towards him and Jason Todd now that he's writing a third series with the character.

I don't think Lobdell is a perfect writer, as I've said many times I don't think there is a perfect writer. Even ones I've considered pretty good have fallen short. I've read many of Lobdells' X-Men books when I was getting into comics.

I have enjoyed his work, he was one of the few writer to actually make Iceman more than a background character. Bobby Drake had depth and didn't have to be the class clown to be interesting. He has his faults as a writer and I think I've been vocal in expressing myself when I don't like or understand something he's done. I examine why it doesn't work for me or question the meaning. Now for those expressing rage at Lobdell writing Jason Todd for a third go I have to ask: who else would write him? Seriously, I dreaded the idea of any of the BE/BaRE writing him because I've yet to see any of them write him well. They might have done a few things right but they generally treat the character like a joke. He comes across Like he's pathetic and a punching bag. That's without mentioning the many out of character moments.

I honestly question whether any of them even like Jason Todd and it's already been established that he's not the favorite Robin of any of them. Awhile back I heard from various sources that the reason DC didn't announce what their creative teams for Rebirth was because they didn't know who was writing the titles. Apparently different writers and artists, etc. were in competing for books. Lobdell won which means one of two things. A.) Lobdell truly had the best ideas for Jason Todd or B.) No one else wanted to write the character.

I truly think Lobdell has been the best writer for Jason Todd as he's the only one that's bothered to give Jason proper growth. Even Winick didn't understand the appeal and has been stated as seeing the former Robin in a bad light. I don't understand why people want Jason to go back to a broken direction that already failed and offers no real development. It's a dead end that no one could make work after UTH. Killing off Jason again? Why? If you like the character and don't like the direction just ignore it. Killing him was a waste the first time and if you're not reading his book how do you know it's "bad"?

Lobdell made Jason Todd mature, he's more forgiving and his relationship with Batman makes sense. I may not get the new Outlaws direction yet but I have more faith in him than any other Bat writer in regards to Jason. I rather Jason not appear under most of those writers than be written badly. I think Snyder is the only current bat writer I'd give a chance. The Robins all had some raw deals after the new 52 started but Lobdell wasn't part of that for Jason. I'd argue he's been the one that's been written the best in the solo titles.


  1. I for one, am grateful Lobdell is still around. Yeah, new blood would've been good but there's no writer currently at DC whom treats Jason with respect, specially among those handled by the Batman editorial office.

    I'm not bothered by the "outrage" at the announcement since is the same people that keeps complaining about Lobdell's work so whatever. I'll enjoy this new series all the same.

  2. It's a short list, at the moment I can only think of two other writers that write Jason alright. Johns has done a decent job. While I don't like how Tomasi has others treat Jason I think he usually had the character act maturely. I don't really count Snyder because there really wasn't enough for me to judge.

    It does get annoying since it's the same arguments usually from people that never bothered to read the series past issue one, if that.