Friday, March 4, 2016

Conversation with my sister

She watches Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. While she used to be into comics (she introduced me to them) she sorta lost track of most of it. I asked her about Rip Hunters' portrayal in Legends of Tomorrow and she doesn't care for him. I'm not sure if she dislikes how he's written or the actor. Anyway she asked me about Booster Gold due to a fan theory she heard. While we're having this discussion she looked up Boosters' bio online and yells-- "He's Boosters' SON?!"

I wish I could have gotten her to read the comics first. I'm not sure why but prior to our talk she assumed Booster was basically like a Flash villain because they both are from the same time? Then asked me to explain why I loved the character. I can make metas for why but it's not easy to say these things over the phone. I've basically summed it up by saying: he has hidden depths, he's funny and has amazing character development. I tried to get into the whole "Greatest Hero you Never Heard of" stuff but I don't think she got it.


  1. Seriously, how can you NOT like Booster? I know he has been portrayed as shallow and an idiot, but there has always been more to him than just a screw up and shill.

  2. I've seen people online think he's actually the shallow idiot he pretends to be. Badly written stories haven't helped in that regard. I don't know how Giffin/DeMatteis write him in JL3000 but their minis seemed to help the "complete idiot" mindframe.