Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chronos 1: David Clinton

David Clinton started off his criminal career in pretty simplistic terms as a thief content with revolving his crimes around time themes. Sundial crossbows, spring weapons, everything focused on his passion. In those early days his only great foe was the second Atom, Ray Palmer. Over the years Clinton even joined many teams such as the Secret Society of Super Villains,  the Crime Champions, the Injustice Gang and others. Desiring to have actual control over time Clinton was one of the many super villains to agree to sell their souls for an exchange from the demon Neron. He gained the ability to time travel at will but failed to realize that the deal wasn't fair. Soon it became apparent that he was rapidly aging and becoming out of sych of reality. Clinton made several attempts to save himself including leeching the youth from fellow travelers. Before he could fade out of existence he becomes a mentor of sort to Walker Gabriel in his endeavors to research and thefts based on his own displacement suit.

After he was legally declared dead more of his personality was shown. The man was a pack rat collector who had the worst luck with women, already having two ex-wives to prove that point. The latter being a trait that would lead him to his partner/lover the woman that would later be referred to as Lady Chronos. For reasons that were never entirely clear Clinton (one version of him at least) returned from his apparent grave to led Ryan Choi to become the fourth Atom when Ray Palmer went missing. To embarrass the legacy of his foe but in a possibly future it is implied that he undermined Lady Chronos to ensure that she was stopped by messing with Ryans' life.

Current Status: Given how often his story changes it's hard to say. He faded away until Lady Chronos came into the picture. In a future where she rules the entire timeline Clinton is a living statue next to her throne. She comments that he cheated death many times "eventually he had to learn that time doesn't heal all wounds." Of course this claim is at odds with her later statement that she "collared" him herself.

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