Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time Masters mini Character Summaries: Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith was Rip Hunters' best friend, a fact that Lewis Shiner played up. Shiner did make some major changes to the character like Jeffs' race and made him less physical. When things were at their worst Bonnie could snap at Rip but it was always Jeff that would be able to get his point across without raising his voice. The two were together since college. 

Jeff is willing to go along with Rips' plans though he doesn't care for the means used to achieve their goal. He goes through it without much complaining because at heart he is a good friend. In regards to his relationship with Bonnie there's a definite communication problem although that is partly Bonnies' fault. She seems to have trouble telling someone her feelings on matters save for two exceptions: her break up with Cave and her later arguments with Rip. With Jeff the disappointments never reach his ears.

Physical Appearance: Silver Age Jeff Smith (shown with Rip.)

Time Masters Jeff Smith

Where is he now?: Last time he was mentioned was in the Checkmate blog, referred to as Smith of the Smith and Baxter group. They were said to have helped installed the security in Checkmate to prevent time travelers from sneaking into their base. This may not be the case anymore. See Jason Goldstein a.k.a. Rex Hunter for more information.

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