Friday, March 4, 2011

How Geoff Johns recreated Rip Hunter

Just a brief explanation. The Geoff Johns Rip Hunter is different than the other versions of the character. The biggest difference is his identity, all other versions have "Rip Hunter" as his real name. One going so far as to show his family. Of course there are unintentional "hints" of future changes that we can see in the 90s' mini series.

The *ahem* post it note and who he's talking to. Which prove Rips' always known things about the future, in this case even before the writers did. So many things to love about this panel, even without the Carter stuff there's post-crisis Jeff putting the moves on Bonnie behind his back. And it's even funnier if you know who their talking about.

Anyway, Johns first wrote this change of Rips' history during his JSA run just before Infinite Crisis. This is also the first time we hear about the fate of his friends and teammates. Although this verison isn't as refined as it will be later. In 52 Rip is said to be the inventor of time travel (don't know how that work) while Jeff is credited here with helping him put the time sphere together. Some of Rips' skills are downplayed a little although he's seen as the one hope for time travelers here and in 52.


According to Dan Jurgens the idea of who Rip ends up being was Johns' as it never occurred to him. Next time I'll post about Rips' one on panel relationship, the other team he was on and why he's always been a badass.

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