Thursday, March 24, 2011

JLGL #22 and Supergirl #62

Supergirl #62:

Like with the Teen Titans I only bought this issue because of a character I like. Well two: Damian and Jaime. I wasn't interested in the Supergirl stuff although it's always nice to see her and Lois on good terms. My favorite bit was actually when all of them were out of uniform. Although I have to ask why Damian is flaunting his face in front of a guy that doesn't know who Batman is. At least wear glasses like Kara. The interaction with the boys was nice with Damian being slightly less mean than usual and Jaime being one of the few people that can deal with him in a calm manner. Well he IS a big brother. Which reminds me, I still want to read Damian meeting her, Rani, and (some way some how) little Rip. Make it happen DC.

Justice League Generation Lost #22:

Like with Bea, Tora and Nate all gathering around to make sure Booster was okay in #1 I love the opening pages that show how much these characters care for each other. I have to make the second page into something or icon Cap lifting up Jaime. Gavril was cute with his odd rendering of Wonder Woman and slip into his native tongue. The one thing that bugged me about this issue was Batman coming in and basically taking over. If he takes the leadership role it's horrible storytelling because a.) Batman (Bruce) is just showing up for the first time near the end of the series with no prior build up in this title (I know he joined in Power Girl) and b.) last issue literally had the team rallying to support Booster as their leader. Now Batman comes and they all gladly follow him?

Happily this was addressed in a recent interview with Winick:

Nrama: Is Booster's leadership role threatened by Batman coming into the picture?

Winick: Not really, because Batman's a dude who looked to Booster Gold a couple years ago and said that he knows that Booster's a hero, that he's not some moron.

Way back when we were coming up with the ideas behind Infinite Crisis, me, Geoff Johns, [Greg] Rucka, Dan DiDio and Eddie Berganza were all coming up with ideas for that event, brainstorming. And we were putting cards up on the wall for things we felt were important, and there was a card up on the wall that said, "Batman knows Booster Gold is a superhero." We put that up there. And moments came later where everyone thought he was an idiot, but Batman knows he's not. Batman knows he's got the stuff. And that's something I've always hung onto.

And Booster knows he's not an idiot. I had him talk about it last issue. He's aware that he's good at this, that he can help.

But Batman takes them all seriously. He knows this team, and he knows how good they are. And he knows that Booster is a hero.

But even still Booster is taking a backseat in this issue although he's not hiding with the rest when they meet WW. Can't wait for the last two issues and hope there is an ongoing.


  1. There were some moments that I really enjoyed, such as the delight the JLI expresses when they discover that Jaime is indeed NOT dead. Gavril just continues to be a wonderful character.

    But yes...Batman just waltzes in and takes over? I'm awfully TIRED of Batman waltzing into other books and taking over. He's even tried to show up in Birds of Prey a couple of times, but Gail Simone has the wit to keep him mostly off-panel. If HE is the one who figures everything out and ends up defeating Max, I'll...I'll be pretty pissed, that's what I'll be.

  2. I'm hoping it's just for an issue but I'm pleased that so many people have been vocal about not wanting him to take over.

    Well Winick's said more than once that it's going to come down to Booster and Max. (The way it should have in OMAC Project.) And really that's the only way I want it to end. Batman will likely take credit because of Boosters' rep but as long as he's the main focus I won't care.