Saturday, March 12, 2011

Justice League Generation Lost #21

I loved this issue because the character piece just work so well. The team is paired up like they were in issue #5, the issue where Jaime agreed to stay on the team and fully formed with the new Rocket Red. Tora is sweet even if their still sticking her with the belly flaunting outfit. Remember Cap questioned why Bea brought Tora along. He's the one who she talked to about her fear of dying and they had a little fight over her wanting to leave. Booster may of stopped him from his mission to murder Max but Tora gets him to see that despite how he's seen he's a hero and always will be.

We finally get Bea hooking up with Gavril! I love those two and hope they last. Although I knew this pairing would get some shippers mad I'm more than pleased. Before this series started I would have been worried that we'd get several pages of their first kiss turning into soft porn. Strange to think Winick wasn't the one who wrote page upon page of pervy things in one of my book. (He's also the reason I'm reading Power Girl when I held off during the last run. Shocking right?)

I am still amazed that Winick is writing one of the best Booster Golds' I ever read. All the writers have little things that don't work for the character voice and if I had to pick something that's off it's that Booster isn't joking. But for this series it's understandable, Booster has to be serious given the situation. He's the one that dragged the others along. Now he feels guilty for another Blue Beetles' death. His talk to Skeets is heartfelt and I like to think the others heard all of it from the moment Skeets asks him if he blames himself. I don't think Boosters' usually so self aware of the positive things he's capable of but the fact that he realized he was taking command is incredible. More so when the others confront him on wanting to give up.

I'm always annoyed when characters bash Booster but never more than when the people who worked with him do it. They should know better. That being said I was really peeved in #2 when Cap, Fire and Ice were so nasty to him. But having them ask him to lead them shows that they know he's more than what he appears. They see it, see that he's the one who kept them together and a trait I'm glad a writer finally put into print : Booster never gives up. Oh he'll try but it never takes. I don't think this one would either. It also shows that Gavril is deeper than people give him credit for too. I think Booster had it right on the nose when they first met Gavril gets what's right in front of them (well except for Bea but she spelled it out for him.) He sees that Skeets is part of their team and now he sees that Booster is the one who never gives up. And of course we get the ending half of us knew was coming.

Haven't read Booster Gold, I got the issue I just haven't felt any interest in reading it yet. Not just because I haven't really been enjoying the series lately, I think it has to do with reading Jurgens newest interviews. It made the difference a lot clearer and actually surprised me a little. Like the lastest one. I knew Booster was younger than Giffin and DeMatteis implied (or said in one issue) but he's two years younger that what I thought. Jurgens also has an interesting view on Boosters' relationship with Jaime I'd like to see more of.


  1. This actually WAS a good issue! Tora doesn't even swear in it! And I have to admit that I like Gavril and Bea together. It's about time that she had a relationship with someone, and Gavril is an excellent new character.

    Winick CAN be good when he actually tries.

  2. I don't see Tora or even Booster as big cursers. Yeah, I don't think I've been interested in a Bea pairing since her and Guy. And Gavril is so different from her other boyfriends that I'm interested in seeing more.

    I liked his Jason Todd but I was surprised I liked this series more than the recent BG issues. I didn't think he'd get Booster so right. Now all it needs is hugging.

  3. Yup, he's done a pretty decent job with most of the guys. I even like Captain Atom more than I used to.

    It's a funny thing with Bea, when Giffen and DeMatteis were writing her, she was portrayed as being a bit of a player. And yet the only boyfriends that I can actually think of Bea having are Oberon and Guy!

  4. Same here, I didn't hate Cap but I wasn't this fond of him.

    Yeah, I think it was even mentioned in Checkmate. Bea called someone a name in her native language and the woman said she wasn't the one who slept around with people she didn't love. Come to think of it she doesn't really have a type, does she? All three of them are so different.

  5. VERY different. About the only thing that can think of that they have in common is a...quirky sense of humor. Apparently Bea DOES like to smile.

  6. Might explain why she was flirting so often with Ted in the early days of JLI.