Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Superman doesn't like Time Travelers


Someday I'll get back to the bios and I'm going to do more reviews soon. Or at least I should. Anyway, Superman hasn't had the best relationship with time travelers since post-crisis. There's a good reason for that under Dan Jurgens Superman run. The Linear Men make their first appearance within that run when one of their members (Travis O'Connell) rebels against the others to bring Booster back to the future by force. Superman only really gets involved because of a misunderstanding (he didn't think he should stop Booster from being taken against his will) and after many time jumps O'Connell confronts him directly. The moon was supposed to explode but didn't because of Superman. The Linear Man causes it to blow up killing millions.

Since then he has witnessed Waverider change destiny and admitted that such people frighten him because they can command fate. Although Superman does like Liri Lee (he likes LLs) because she was always willing to bend the rules to help him out. Clark comes off jerky but I have to admit it amuses me.


  1. It is a constant surprise to me how OFTEN Superman comes out looking "jerky". And let's face it, Time-Travelers can be awfully annoying. Except Booster of course. Or Rip.

  2. What's really funny is how he's mean to Booster and his first post crisis meeting with Rip is basically showing up to mock him for asking for help. Sometimes but they can also be fun while being annoying. Walker Gabriel was really amusing when he trolled the Flash. And although Black Beetle is a jerk I was amused by him lying about his origins. Yes, I've been fond of time travel since Back from the Future.