Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rip's had enough of your crap Hal

Hal Jordan was pretty jerky to Booster Gold during their trip together in Time Masters Vanishing Point. On the brink of Vanishing Point collapsing around them Hal thinks it's a good time to get on Boosters' case for the millionth time and Rip Hunter finally reaches his breaking point with putting up with it.


A couple of things stand out about Rips' reaction:

1.) He basically spells out the secret of Booster working with him. Like in TMVP all clues and in this case stating it outright go completely over Hal and Supermans' heads.

2.) Hals' ring is the only thing keeping Rip alive at the point and Rip still shows no fear telling Hal what's what. I think I love Rip more all the time. Don't diss his dad Hal, Rip don't play that.


  1. Hal does seem to have this...disdain for everyone who wasn't in the original Justice League with him. Heck, so does Superman.

    I do love the Hal's upraised hand however, you just know that he's going to tell Rip..."hey, can't you take a joke, man?"

    Stupid Hal!

  2. What's funny about this is Superman has shown respect for Booster in the past. He's also dissed Booster in the first BG series and Rip in the first Time Masters mini. Although I think it's funny that he's causally bringing up that he figured out the Supernova angle and Hal has nothing to say about that.

    I love that too but I read it as, "where did THIS come from?!" Like he's really shocked that Rip would say something.

    Speaking of isn't Hals' fight with Guy happening soon?

  3. Yup. Hal vs Guy...5000!

    But for once...just once,I would really really like for Guy to win.

  4. Same here. That story has never been explored and it should.