Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Teen Titans #15

Fabian Nicieza does the dialogue to Scott Lobdells' plot.


Barbara Gordon shows up to answer a text the Titans gave her. Since Tims' not with them she doesn't have time for them but nevertheless gives them different spots to check out before departing.

Tims' narration boxes at the beginning read a little awkward especially when he guesses Barbara will try too hard to make a joke. Not just because that sounds more like a Stephanie thing to do but having Tim know just how everyone will react--including Bart trying to hug her--reads a little weird. Maybe it's because he hasn't been shown interacting with her directly since the relaunch since I could buy it when Nicieza had Tim doing the same thing in the Red Robin series. While I found Barbaras' jokes more insulting than funny I did get a chuckle out of her saying that she got one of them to smile then seeing it's Bunker. I enjoy how the Titans are written which stays very much in character.

I'm not loving how Joker is written because so much of it sounds like cut and paste from Snyder and other bat writers. A recap on what he's doing pretty much mimicking what he says in Snyders' books then the victim blaming of Jason "earning" his anger, pain and death. Given what Jokers' trying to sell in RHATO it seems a little odd for him to be saying this no matter how crazy he is. Then he goes on about Tim being the arrogant one that thinks he's better than anyone else. I guess I could see that pre-relaunch but really that sounds more like Damian than Tim. The whole bit when he know exactly what Tims' thinking then says it outloud word for word is more annoying than creepy. Although I did like him wearing Tims' winged cape and his plan for the Titans.

Overall this can boil down to: Joker dresses Tim in his old outfit and taunts him. The Titans get directions from Batgirl then fall into Jokers' plot by accidently affecting people with the Joker toxin. The last page of RHATO is redone with Starfire and Arsenal arriving with new speech bubbles.

It was okay but I preferred RHATO. The Joker just felt so off, other than what he was wearing he wasn't even funny. I would have liked to see the Outlaws appear sooner but I really liked the intro they got when Tim is musing that hope is lost.

Say What?: "Barbara Gordon has more reason to hate the Joker than any of us"? Did Nicieza forget about Jason being killed by him? And given the things Joker suggests about their relationship, if their true, Jason has even more reason to hate him.

"Scotts' toys is the only fun place" in Gotham? Very meta Nicieza.

Bart doesn't say he called Batgirl directly just that it was his idea. In RHATO #15 Roy says the call was from Wonder Girl to Batgirl. No idea how he would know that since they used Tims' phone and they texted.

Tim hasn't been anywhere near as arrogant as he was written in Red Robin but since the same writer is writing Tim in this issue he is. For example: Tim thinking the Titans will be helpless and Gotham will be doomed without him. MAYBE it might be true for the Titans if the Outlaws didn't show up but Gotham? Tim knows he's not the only one out there fighting.

Did you Notice?: I think many Tim Drake fans will be pleased to see Tim in his 52 style red Robin outfit. But is anyone else thinking what that means? Joker had to change Tim out of his new one and put this one on. Creepy.

Booth did a cover with Kori in what was supposed to be her new outfit but it looks like she'll be wearing the old one. It looks like Booth had to make changes to his art because Green wouldn't change his to match the character designs. This might be how it plays out with the Red Hood helmet.

Kid Flash and Bunker are smiling in this version of the Outlaws arrival.

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