Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DC Presents #17

Otherwise known as the Roy Harper issue!

Roy Harper: Do you even know Batman? You're not missing much. He's kind of a jerk.


I'm going to assume Jasons' tweet wasn't blatantly saying something like "Hey Arsenal just a reminder we're crime fighting today." That seems like a Morrison like thing not something I could actually see Jason doing. I could see him saying something more subtle, reminding Roy that they had to do something. I do think it's funny that Jason was trying to make sure Roy showed up although he's more likely to grumble about his friends following him around than being pushy. For some reason I never saw Kori as much of a internet user so her checking tweets sounded odd. While Jason might be a little annoyed that Roy never turned up his attitude that an archer won't do much seems out of place. Yeah Jason isn't that big with the praise but he has been impressed with the skills of the other man. But none of this was as off as Roy referring to them as sort-of-kinda-of-not-really-friends. Out of all of them Roy's always been the most persistent, he's already called Jason his best friend and now he doesn't? Ooookay.

Since Killer Croc saved his life Roy decides to return the favor since he's helping this mob against his will. Once alone Roy uses the quarter he took to repeatedly aim at his cuffs to dent them admitting it will take awhile to break out of them. I love how freaked out the random goon is that Roy escaped and found a tool box as Roy thinks over how good he is why any type of weapon. Much as I love Lobdells' Roy he hasn't really used the Arsenal name to the fullest. Not sure if he thinks guns are lame because he's in a creative mood or he's mad at Jason and taking it out on other people. Roy doesn't kill anyone in this because he thinks murdering is for wimps? Well it's usually in self defense with the Outlaws so that's sorta a weird statement.

Roy Harper: I came for the Batman villain.

Only it's not Killer Croc and Roy feels embarrassed for the mix up. There's a fight, Roy frees not-Croc then suggests they don't kill anyone. Roy returns home to find his friends sleeping on he sofa. He steals money from Jasons' wallet.

This was a fun story even if a lot of things felt off. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the Starfire issue next month.

Say What?: Okay sometimes I nitpick because certain things jump out at me that don't make sense. Like Roy saying Jason owes him 12 dollars. Why would Jason owe him money when Jason seems to be the only one out of the three of them that has money thanks to stealing from different mobs he's taken out? Roy was trying to be a hero for hire type before Jason saved him, since he's not doing that anymore one has to assume he'd get all his money from Jason, right?

Roy didn't "take out" Suzie Su. He stopped her hired goons with Kori while Jason took her out. Since Jason put down at least three different mobs including Suzies' by himself.

Questions Raised?: Why Jason as a drivers license with his name on it if he's legally dead. Fake IDs. could understand.

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