Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sword of Sorcery #5

I'm going to miss this book. :(


Graciel is worried sick since her daughter has been gone for hours. Amaya returns from her adventures on Earth and sums those events up for anyone who has been following. Her mom doesn't really care because her baby is back unharmed. At least until she smells pizza and realizes Amaya stopped to eat it while her mother was freaking out over her disappearance. She wants to destroy the crystal to keep the two worlds' cut off but Amaya takes it away before she can. Then some weird green energy gets released revealing: Amayas' dead father? The powers she got from her father transferred the portal energy and no one there really understands that side of the family enough to know what's going on. Turns out the marriage was frown on since the powers are considered too unstable when put together. They decide it's time for Amaya to know the truth and visit her fathers' tome.

Mordiel waits to hear that the rogue Onyx members have killed her sister but they had to wait for the right moment. Since Amaya is always with her mother they need to know if she still is to be unharmed. While with her grandfather Amaya starts asking questions like why Mordiel didn't like the union between her father and Graciel. It has to do with power of course, Mordiel wanted an excuse to gain her sisters' powers and didn't like to hear that she was pregnant. Vyrian, Amayas' father, was the one to discover a way to Earth shortly after she was born. Seems that the evil from her world that was mentioned last issue was something a Lady from the House of Amethyst left. The Lord of the House of Diamonds and Mordiel (who if you remember were wed at one point) were set on tracking Graciel, Vyrian and Amaya down.

At the tome Amaya thinks the turquoise figure is a statue but it's really her fathers' body transformed. The reason for Graciels' anger at Firojha becomes clear as she accuses him of betraying them. See only two people knew where they were, the member of the house of Onyx that took the portal crystal and Firojha. Vyrian gave Graciel two spell necklaces and gave his life energy to power the portal crystal. Firojha admits to betraying them as he craved power and knees to accept his fate. Before Graciel can kill him Firojha realizes they have company and tells Graciel to get Amaya out of there. The rogue Onyx members attack injuring Graciel. Amaya realizes that the only chance she has to save her mother is to kill the Onyx members and regretfully does it when they don't back down.

Lady Akikra of the House of Onyx, the same one that helped that protected the crystal for them gives Amaya a ruby to heal her mother with. She came to stop the rouges if Amaya hadn't and killed Firojha in honor of Vyrian. She wonders who will rules the house of Turquoise now. Turns out a thief, a "wild seed" gets the power.

Stalker back up:

The devil tells Stalker to track down a girl and he'll get his soul back. He finds her but sees she's pregnant and up close she looks like his wife. As suspected his kid ended up factoring into this as she's his very great granddaughter. This girl, Clarissa, starts to go into labor during the devils' talk about their deal. He's okay with waiting since he just wants the baby boy. Stalker gets pissed and uses his powers to blast them away. He starts to relive his wifes' death as Clarissa gets ready to have the baby. Then the devil and his posse show up.

This was a good back up although the baby bump looked like a beach ball under her clothes.

Next we have the channel 52 stuff. That's it.

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