Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Action Figure Goodness

New action figures on the way! Even though it'll cost a little more since I'm not in the club I'm going to save up to get Huntress and this awesome Fire. Yeah I hate that Hush Huntress design but at least I like this Huntress compared to the new version of Helena Wayne. Bea to is great to pass up, now they just have to do a Tora.

I already have a maskless Batman Beyond so I'll pass on that but gah! What happened with Damian?! He's a ten year old! He shouldn't be that tall or muscle bound! Unless they correct that I'll pass.

I mean if they can get the Bert Ward version with skinny arms why not a ten year old character? Oh yeah, their doing the 60s Batman too. The one with the swim trunks and surf board is my favorite.


  1. Woohoo! Fire's classic costume! That was always my favorite one, and I too,am holding out hope for a figure of Ice in her blue suit with the furry white boots and the little white crop top t-shirt.

    You're right, Damian's arms are ridiculous.

    But hold the phone...Ralph with a magnifying glass? I WANT him!

  2. Fire and Ice are the most demanded female figures that aren't part of the bat world so it's about time they were made in their classc costumes. We're halfway there!

    Yeah Damian looks like he's trying Banes' venom.

    Yep although it would be perfect with a Sue figure which I doubt they'll make.