Friday, February 1, 2013

This is why I dread new writers

My fears were confirmed.

I'll try to get the first arc but unless it gets undone quick I'm going to drop. I used to roll my eyes when people compared him to Deadpool but if DC goes there that will be the last straw. I mean damn, I like the hopeful tone of the book. James Tynion the fourth promised he would keep that tone but let's be honest. If Jason stays deformed that will take the fun out of the book. Because that's a character that Lobdell basically built up into a stronger more defined character than pre-boot. One that FINALLY recovered from Jokers' crap and what do they do? They pile on MORE CRAP! Really, just kill the clown at this point.

Yes this is part of WTF month but there were already clues leading up to this. If it's all in Jasons' head thanks to something Joker stole from Scarecrow great if not I'm pretty sure this is going to be a pain to read. I mean damn look at the crap Joker already did to him:

Beaten and blown up: resulting in Jasons' death.
Claims to have gotten Jasons' father put in jail and sent him up as Robin
Mothers' death faked then later killed off (? Zero issue makes it unclear if she died.)
If story is true in zero issue likely killed off Jasons' sibling too.
Torments Jason in DOTF.
Physically scars him for life?

For those of you saying it give him a reason to wear the hood? HE NEVER NEEDED ANOTHER ONE! It's a nod to the Red Hood gang, he used it to protect his head since you know Joker cracked his skull, and it kept his ID secret. Doing this would just be asinine. Yes I'm highly irked and need to vent.

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