Thursday, February 28, 2013

The real #18 Bat covers--Damn that's Cold!

SPOILERS AHEAD relating to Batman Inc.


I'll be completely honest here. While I don't approve of Damians' death I laughed at this image. Just because Tim had such a negative relationship with Damian and the idea of someone usually so calm and collective being happy like this stuck me as funny. I know Tim is going through a evil arc thanks to Trigon, Joker or whoever but wow that's just cold Tim.

I know Barbara was seen next to Damian since she became Batgirl but have they EVER interacted? I can't recall a single time. I don't know what their relationship was. When she was Oracle she commented on him being...well Damian but trusted Dick to guide him. All I know of for this canon is Damian referring to her as some poor girl Joker crippled in the DOTF tie in. Come to think of it she barely had any history with Jason (though more than with Damian) I think Steph was the only "dead" Robin she really had much panel time with.

EDIT: The second one is a more fitting fan edit of Steph since she actually had a touching relationship with Damian.

If Bruce starts making heads for his costume cases for dead Robins this will get even more creepy. Couldn't he think of something else for Damian as tribute? Not just because it's re-using an idea but I kind of doubt Damian would want the same thing Jason got.

The original version didn't have everyone on the ground and I liked it better. This looks a little cluttered. For those that don't know RHATO currently takes place right after DOTF with Jason being harmed by Joker last issue. This means Damian is still alive at the time. This is Scott Lobdells' last issue and the storyline will lead into James Tynion the Fourths' run.

I think Dick is going to feel guilty for not being able to save his baby brother. I wonder if it will make things worse between Bruce and him. Bruce got pissed at him during Jasons' death even though he wasn't on the same planet. I would easily see things getting tense fast.

The book that I don't want to pick up again keeps trying to lure everyone back in. I'll only get it if it looks good like I did with the last issue of the Damian/Helena arc.

This cover previously had Damian besides Batman and was in bright colors. This is the silent issue that promised to be the best one out of this run. I did like the DOTF issues so I plan to get this and the other follow up issues dealing with the grief and the family.


  1. I'm pretending that Batgirl IS Steph, and she's just been experimenting with a little hair dye.

    Yes...that's it.

  2. Actually there's a fan edit of this. Let me put it up next to the actual cover.

    It does make FAR more sense.