Thursday, February 14, 2013

Young Romance (Very Short review)

I don't always get holiday specials. If it has the characters or creative teams I like sure. This time I figured, why not? Some stories were better than others but my favorite bit was the Valentine cards. They should have done more. So here's a rundown:

Catwoman/Batman: The most awkward story of these two I ever read. This doesn't even sound like Selina.

Mera/Aquaman: It was okay, maybe a little cliché.

Batgirl/Ricky(?): I enjoyed this more than I thought I would even though Barbara came off as a jerk at one point.

Apollo/Midnighter: This was nicely done and made me feel for them. Since I don't know their characters well that's pretty good writing for a short piece.

Nightwing/Ursa Minor: I like Ursa and hope she's Nightwings' new love interest. Because this was the fun that's been missing from the character.

Wonder Woman/Superman: Not as painful as I expected. Wonder Woman actually shined more than Superman.

Channel 52: This was a fun surprise, basically a hint of things to come with in the new 52.

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