Thursday, September 12, 2013

Angel Character One Shots: Illyria

The Who: Illyria is an "old one", an ancient demon known as the God-king that used to command legions. It was reborn due to the actions of one of it's present day follower Knox using Winifred Burkle. She was killed in the process leaving Illyria with snippets of her memories as well as her body. With the god-king's army long dead Illyria struggles to understand humanity and her place in it.

Takes Place: During Angel season 5 sometime after a Whole in the World.

The comic it's self: After being rejected by Wesley and labeled a monster Illyria goes to great lengths see if he's right about her. She breaks a unrepentant killer out of jail and asks him questions to get a better idea of what makes one human. It has a very fitting Whedon twist and gives Illyria new views to consider. Another good bit was that the end tying in very neatly to the beginning and does in fact give us an answer to the question if Illyria can feel remorse for her actions. A very good read for not just Illyria fans but Angel fans in general who love the darker moments as well as the character building stories.

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