Saturday, September 7, 2013

Didio speaks out about Batwoman not getting married

Brought up here along with the new writer for Batwoman.

“Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests.”

Well if their all going to have terrible personal lives why should we read them? Not only is it repetitive it makes them character we can't relate with and boring as hell. Why should we get invested in any relationship they have with love interests if none of them are going to last? If their all are going to be killed off or break up due to the clichés of being a superhero? Hell even Joss Whedon threw his angst-on-legs a bone by letting Angel have a kid. Yeah that had problems but overall it was a positive effect on the character.

“That’s very important and something we reinforced,” he continued. ‘People in the Bat family their personal lives basically suck. Dick Grayson, rest in peace—oops shouldn’t have said that,—Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon and Kathy Kane. It’s wonderful that they try to establish personal lives, but it’s equally important that they set them aside. That is our mandate, that is our edict and that is our stand.”

So Aquaman and Mera are breaking up next? How boring can you get? Having Kate get married would have made her stand out from the bat family. It shows that unlike Bruce she doesn't bury her feelings and can deal with them in an emotionally mature way. Before she met Maggie she made it clear she was looking for a serious relationship. Huh, I don't see Jason Todd on that list. Does that mean he can break the curse? This is the dumbest mandate/edict/stand I've seen in a long time. More so that they officially told their fans not to care about any of your heroes love interest or personal lives because they don't matter. Heroes aren't allowed to be happy: EVER. It reminds me of that meme I saw with Batman teaching his kids: No dating only Justice.

Oh yeah, their also rewriting the issues already written and putting Batwoman in the Year Zero tie in. I knew they were going to tie her in but not this soon.


  1. For the love of God, Didio...stop opening your mouth and letting the words come out! Just...just stop it already! Reading about a bunch of totally jaded and miserable people beat up other jaded and miserable people is not really my idea of a good comic! You have to have a little bit of light and happiness, or else all the bad stuff just gets completely boring and tedious.

    Oh is that way already!

  2. Yeah none of this makes sense to me. Now it's been revealed that Aquaman never married Mera despite her being the Queen! Newsflash: People in dangerous jobs can have families, it happens all the time in real life. I'm not saying every character has to get married but for them ALL to be in the same boat? That's beyond stupid.

  3. Exactly. The fact that is even a serious policy that's now becoming law, is ridiculous and extremely limiting. Comics used to be all about imagination, not being forced to conform to reality. I wish Dildo's bosses would stop drinking the fucking kool-aid and fire his ass!

  4. I do wonder if it's just Didio or he's acting as the spoke person. Because no one is correcting him.