Friday, September 6, 2013

New 52 Blue(s) and Gold?

Some sort of SPOILERS from Forever Evil. Sort of because nothing was really confirmed yet.

There hasn't really been a Blue and Gold relationship to speak of since the relaunch. Jaime isn't quite the same character with his unneeded angst and Booster? Well our beloved corporate crusader has had his ups and down. From Dan Jurgens writing him as a the mature lovable character he was in his solo series to John/Didio ignoring all that work to make him a lying jackass. As far as Jaime and Booster working together? It hasn't been good in this universe. While Booster unintentionally dragged Jaime into heroics in the old DCU in this version he's hasn't been written as flattering. He's someone who either an idiot or ignored all his ethics on a dime because the story said so. Jaime likewise got screwed over by these meetings.

Now there's a possibility that Ted Kord will return since his family and company are mentioned. Only...we have a Blue Beetle. Still that's not the main thing I wanted to bring up. Sure it seems unlikely that he'll get the mantle but there's still a possibility that he'll be Booster's friend. Not to mention the odd timing of this. Booster is missing in time and the same writer that did that brings up Ted? Maybe Johns realized he wanted to reboot what Jurgens did because he felt the need to rebuild the friendship and didn't think Booster would mature without Ted's death. I don't agree with it, especially since Ted was the more immature one 90% of the time, but I can kind of see it. But what else is different? The Kord son that's mentioned is going to college meaning that Ted is much younger than he previously was.

Prior to Johns/Didio doing the JLI annual it was sort of implied that Booster was around for awhile. Could this mean he's now older than Ted?! Well, maybe, maybe not. Booster was in college in the past timeline when he went into the past. This does change their relationship a bit since Ted, while at times childish, did provide Booster with a partner in crime-fighting that had more experience than him. This time Booster's the only one in hero business. Will Ted get a new ID at some point or act as the tech guy? Both options are a little awkward, the first given the fan wars over Blue Beetle and the second because Booster doesn't need a tech guy. Maybe some team will but I think it was proven last 'verse that Rip was capable of fixing things Ted couldn't. Despite the problems that may arise having Ted return or rather make his first appearance, it is a step in the right direction. I was against it in the old DCU but at present I'm hopeful.


  1. I am all for bringing back Ted of course. But the age thing is interesting. Of course they are ALL so much younger in the new 52 Universe, but yes, Ted was older that Booster. In fact I think that Tora and Booster were the babies of the old JLI.

    Of course Ted often acted like he was two.

  2. This will be what, the third time Booster and Ted meet for the first time? I figured he might be younger but I didn't think Ted would still be in college. Makes since I guess, since his origin has to do with meeting Dan as a student.

    Yes, yes he did.