Saturday, September 28, 2013

Scribblenauts Unmasked First Impressions

I played the first mission and then toyed around with it a little. I wanted to work with the unusual gameplay and test how big their character index was.

I'm not used to the gameplay yet, in some cases I'm not sure why things are happening. For example I was going around solving problems over Gotham City when a woman said the street was catching fire. I made it rain over her and that only worked for a moment. Then I got Ice and she solved this by killing the woman with her namesake then chased me. I was on fire and couldn't get it to stop no matter what I typed. After I escaped (for some reason Tora could fly) General Glory started to attack me! I couldn't get them to calm down or stop. There was also Bizarro Krypto that kept trying to kill me but thankfully couldn't fly. None of the heroes I summoned did squat to stop him. I couldn't even get a vet or a dog catcher to do anything. Which is frustrating because why have the option if they only walk around?

Some puzzles work better, I was actually pretty pleased with one of them that had a woman labeled as "sports fangirl" gushing over some superhero I never heard of. He asked me to find someone else for her to obsess over and I got a football player. She ignored him and said she loved superheroes. ...Who did you think I got? Yep, Booster Gold (who automatically comes with Skeets) and she was thrilled. Speaking of Booster this is what I tested out so far in terms of Time Travel:
  • Booster Gold only has his new 52 look.
  • Skeets can be summoned separately but likewise only has one look. Which is interesting since according to Johns Skeets isn't a robot now and we haven't seen him appear since the reboot.  
  • Neither Goldstar nor Supernova exist in the index.
  • Chronos 2 a.k.a. Walker Gabriel is in the game. Sadly he's in the bad guy mode despite being more of an anti-hero. He started fighting Booster the moment I brought him out.
  • Rip Hunter only has one look, strangely enough it's his Time Masters Vanishing Point costume complete with stubble. For some reason he also comes with a big gun. He can sit in the time sphere. Well anyone can but for some reason only one person can ride it despite it having two seats.
  • Time Masters aren't listed.
Summoning any hero like Hal or Guy as Red Lanterns and their attack. For some reason Guy comes as a GL, RL and a Star Sapphire. I know he used the ring but I thought it was with the red one. Not really an iconic look. Cool though. In general very few of the characters I tried have variants. The big names do and the ones connected to them have a couple extra. Here's what was in the batverse:

  • Dick Grayson has his Nightwing, Robin and Batman.
  • Cassandra has Batgirl and Black Bat.
  • Sadly Dick Grayson and Jason Todd both have those silly scaly underwear costumes for Robin and no other variants for their sidekick looks.
  • Carrie Kelley and Stephanie Brown are in the Robin section.
  • Steph also has Spoiler and Batgirl.
  • As a joke I typed pregnant with Steph then seconds later she had a mini Steph she could carry around. 0_0
  • Jason Todd has two other variants. Wingman and Red Hood. The frustrating thing is that Red Hood is treated like a bad guy. Neither his Robin or Wingman IDs are so they obviously know he's not a villain. This would make some sense if it was the UTH version but it's not. It's the new 52 and you can't even have his freaking friends and teammates around without them attacking him! It doesn't make sense. The Wingman reveal happened in the new 52 after he was going around with Kori and Roy in the new Red Hood costume. It's in the same period yet it's treated like a different character!
I don't remember seeing Helena Wayne under Robin, maybe the DS version limits the index? (EDIT: I checked under Helena Wayne and she's there as Robin.) I'm not sure what to think at the moment. It's fun but it's also frustrating. I need more practice but some of the programing is odd. I'm not sure if the "villain mode" stuff was confusion from the DC offices or not. Some of the heroic deeds I've tried to do seemed a little buggy. Hopefully I'll get the hang off it.

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