Thursday, September 5, 2013

Short Review: All Star Western #23

I didn't plan on getting anymore issues from this series until Booster reappeared but I forgot that I pre-ordered this one.


This was pretty fun despite the lack of Booster. Hex and (present day) Arkham go around saving lives and hooking up with women. Well Hex does, Arkham's sort of going along for the ride but he's taking it better than I thought he would. I kinda like how Hex is more forward thinking than many would assume although he's still Mr. Negative in general. I enjoyed all the characters and wonder if anyone will ever write Arkham as interesting as this. Who knew he would be such a Jonah Hex fan?

As far as the Booster Gold front goes: Hex knows Booster is his ticket home and Arkham points out that if they got separated then his ride might be stuck in another time altogether. Hex fails to mention that the reason they got separated was because he thought it was smart to fight while time traveling. Later on when someone asks how Hex got there Arkham brings up Booster Gold and is surprised the woman he's talking to doesn't know him. (It is blasphemy as is asking if he's cute.) Granted it's also his tagline. But really Animal Man is more well known? I guess Arkham might have name dropped Booster later on with the police but that wasn't shown.

Bruce Wayne comes along which might be awesome especially if his connection to Booster is brought up. Although he might not be thrilled to have Hex around. Not a bad read but at present I have no plans to get many more issue until Booster comes back.


  1. I rather wish that Booster had stuck around longer as well, but after some initial reservations, I have been enjoying the whole "Hex in the Present" storyline immensely.

  2. Despite Booster being gone I thought the issue he disappeared--which brought Hex to the present--was kinda weak. It fell on the cliché side but this issue has Hex giving things some serious thought and has likable character interactions.