Monday, September 23, 2013

Forever Evil #1

This was one of the comics I ordered online. They didn't have it at my LCS so this made the choice easier.


I enjoyed this book even if it teased most of the interesting bits. I think Geoff Johns wants to remake Blue and Gold or at least the Ted and Booster  He's the one that got Booster out of the timeline now he brings up the Kord family. What is it with evil masterminds messing with the Kords? Lex Luthor threatening to destroy them (with a planned drug addiction and overdose) and Max Lord made people think Ted committed suicide. The villains talk about Joker returning wearing someone else's face which isn't a direction I'd like to go with the character. But it at least hints at him turning up at some point. He had a small but important cameo at the start of Infinite Crisis that played a role at the end.

I guess I'm mostly impressed with the characterization of Dick, Barbara and Tim. Yes they had somewhat small roles but the way they were written felt spot on in a way that hadn't been shown in awhile. Barbara Gordon was actually likable and felt very Oracle like. The strained relationship between them and Bruce has never been portrayed the same book to book but at least this has them acting more maturely about it. Dick fled Gotham in the middle of a crisis because he was ignoring Bruce in one series, acts like nothing happened in Batman and Nightwing, and now is back to being mad. Barbara suggests they all talk unmasked and I have to wonder if they mean Jason would be there. Different writers seem to write that dynamitic differently too. Regardless these characters feel like they have history and are close to each other. The reaction shots of Barbara and Tim were great and my only complaint is that we couldn't have more.

Tim is ready to do something since Batman, the Justice League(s) and now Nightwing aren't able to help. It doesn't look like it will go well but just the determination is nice to see. Now the reveal of Dick Grayson being Nightwing...I'm not against it or for it at this point. I'm willing to see where it will go and how it will affect the other bats. Since Babs isn't in the family per se and Jason is legally dead it shouldn't affect them too much. (Although someone should notice Jason since little time has passed since he died.) Dick could become a well known and loved hero that people and other superheroes believe in. That would work really well for the character but why would anyone believe this? You'd think someone like Riddler would say "Hey how do we know you didn't just dress this Dick Grayson up as Nightwing?"

Hopefully this whole mini series will be just as enjoyable and have some good answers.

Questions Raised?: Why is Barbara back in a bat costume when she just gave it up?

Lex Luthor doesn't know who Dick Grayson is? Hal Jordon not knowing who Bruce Wayne is I can understand because he's Hal Jordon. But are we to believe that Bruce makes such little waves that Luthor doesn't know who he is? The guy that publically admitted he funded Batman--someone that works with Superman constantly--isn't a blip on the radar? Come on, Lex Luthor is the sort of guy that looks at all the angles. He'd look as Wayne as a rival or a weak spot to exploit and research his life. Yes Nightwing #0 had Dick as a ward of the state that worked for Bruce but he was hanging out with Tim, Bruce, Alfred and Damian. If he's as close to Bruce as Snyder says then he should be around enough for people to take notice. Plus from what I heard other issues hint at him being adopted later on.

I don't have the comic in front of me but I remember someone saying they would mention Booster in this issue, did they? Or was the hint at Ted the nod we were getting?

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