Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Okay DC, You have my Attention

There needs to be more information of course but this looks interesting.


Excited About:

  • Oracle. I don't care for Dick/Barbara but if it means a better written Barbara Gordon yes please.
  • Lois married to Clark and expecting. I never thought the red undies were a big deal but even they are a welcomed sight.
  • Answer the Question. (I missed her.)
  • Stephanie Brown as Batgirl teamed up with Tim Drake and CASSANDRA CAIN!
  • I'm not a big Flash fan but having Wally West with his family is awesome.
  • While I've never been a huge fan of Harley Quinn I always loved this costume.
  • Donna Troy is back.

Not so thrilled with:

  • The old Roy Harper is back. As in the old Roy that lost Lian, became addicted to drugs made from dead children and has a mechanical arm. No thanks.


  1. Wally! Oracle! Lois and Clark married!

    Poor Roy.

  2. Everyone else--so far--has a great life. :(