Sunday, November 30, 2014

Star Wars The Force Awaken teaser

It's kind of weird that I haven't mentioned my love of Star Wars much if at all on this site. I think that has to do with not liking a lot of the Expanded Universe material (mainly the  stuff after the OT.) My thoughts on the teaser are below.


My first impression? Disappointment, I actually thought it looked like a fan made trailer. As much as I want to get excited I disliked most of it. Not to the point I'm full of seething rage just disappointed and not too interested at the moment. So here's my feelings on some of the things shown.

  • The rolling droid...I don't know if it's trying to balance on the ball or it's the body. It's already silly looking enough but if it's the former then it seems like a child friendly comedy bit that might not work.
  • The images feel off, maybe they just need more fine tuning but it's one of the reasons I thought this was fan made.
  • I'm not going to lie, I thought the lightsaber was kind of dumb. That might change of course, it just feels like an attempt to do another Darth Maul design. In this case it seems pointless although I appreciate the idea of changing the look of lightsabers.
  • The helmet less Stormtrooper. Not much to say besides I'm curious. At first I thought it was Zare from Star Wars Rebels then I remembered the timeline and the fact he'd be Luke and Leias' age. Is this guy a hero? Anti-hero? Villain?
  • The woman on the speeder. Her short bit really felt like something from Star Wars. I'm hoping she's Leia and Hans' kid. 
  • None of the originals are in the trailer which is a major letdown.
Hopefully the next trailers will be better. Say what you will about the prequels, and many have, but their trailers were good.

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