Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thoughts on Starfire in R.E.B.E.L.S.

Mainly about the problem I had with this portrayal.


I bought the series when I heard Starfire was joining. This was after she found out Dick was just having sex with her and didn't still love her which does play into the plot. She joins Doxs' team and in general is Princess Koriand'r the kick ass warrior that doesn't take any crap. What I disliked about it was the fallout from the break up with Dick. Kory hooks up with Captain Comet and makes it clear that she wants a friends with benefits relationship as she's still in love with Nightwing. He agrees although it's clear to see he's falling hard for her and is crushed that she doesn't want more.

Now here's why I don't like this set up compared to the causal sex Kori has with Roy in RHATO #1.

In RHATO both Kori and Roy start out treating their tryst as nothing more, she makes it clear to him at the start it's just sex. While it will turn into an actual relationship much later it's obvious that their both on the same page for the first few issues as he hits on a local woman in #4. While she's distant with him at first the gap closes with their growing friendship. She may tease him but it's not spiteful and their aware of each other enough to watch out for real hurt feelings. Roy realizes he doesn't know her well and sets about to change that. Not because he's determined to have a relationship, he just realizes they need to understand each other better.

After Kory gets with Comet it's very apparent to nearly everyone that he's smitten with her. Which makes it maddening that Kory--someone that's very empathic--either doesn't see it or ignores it. Comet gets depressed over it, drinks to the point she can smell it on him and has Lobo comment on the one sided relationship. I hate this because it makes Kory look bad and never builds to anything. Wasn't she upset that Dick was just having sex with her without returning her love? What makes this worse is that other women say things to reinforce this idea that she's to blame for tormenting Comet. Adam Stranges' wife Alanna even says she doesn't trust Starfires' "innocent eyes." That makes it sound like Kory is intentionally seducing men just to play with them. Keep in mind that Starfire is part of the reason Adam survived in space and she was stuck with two married men for a year. * Does Alanna think something happened? Then there's the ultimate face palm in the last issue when Vril Dox is announced as Blackfires' consort. She tells him not to asks Comet for advise as Comet never stood a chance with her sister. Blackfire of all people is adding to this idea and saying she's superior in this regard!

There was also a part where Comet said Kory was spoken for to the amusement of Blackfire that made Kory blush. I'm not sure why as she's never been embarrassed of her sexuality and relationships. If anything I'd think she'd be mad that he claimed her when she was very clear about what she wanted.

* In fact the Bakers let her stay with them. But don't get me started on The Last Days of Animal Man mini.

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