Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Other Starfire Products

More Starfire items for Kori fans.

DC Direct Starfire

I was waiting for a better figure after the Mattel Starfire was released so I never got around to getting this earlier DCD version. I believe this is the promo picture, the finished product doesn't have the paint application shown here. I should be fair as this was one of the better figures at the time it was being made. It came with a base that connected to the "fire hair" making it look like she was blasting off. It does reflect the old Starfire better than the Mattel figure. By today's standards it doesn't met the high bar that was set by later designs and the entirely orange transparent hair does hinder the look some. Even so DC Direct still managed to capture the classic TT Starfire look and that effort is appreciated.

Starfire Minimates

This is the only one on the list I actually own right now. DCD for some vague reason decided to stop making the DC minimates a few waves in despite the popularity. Starfire was one of the few lucky characters to have one made and came packaged with Nightwing. I like both of these although the orange of Starfires' body seems to be a lighter orange than the head, which is kinda annoying. Personally I would have loved to have more DC minimates and if the line kept up we could have had different versions of the characters and entire teams completed.

Starfire Chess Piece

Another new 52 version and while the pose used compared to the regular figure/mini statue is fascinating something else stood out. The detail of the muscles in her stomach which isn't always used in art work. Make no mistake people, Starfire is a warrior.

Starfire Piece

I've been thinking of getting a few Eaglemoss lead figures of various characters I like. The thing is, well like I previously stated I am not a statue collector. These are pretty much statues and while impressive I tend to be more interested in the magazines they come with.

Starfire Heroclix

There are several different Heroclix Starfires. I've been tempted to get some of these given the range of characters but I don't play the game so it seemed pointless. When I say there's been several Starfires I mean it. There are Heroclix with her in the old school outfit, one with Nightwing and a couple new 52. I decided to stick with one since there seems to be at least six different ones. This is the teaser promo for the Red Hood and the Outlaws. Yes it says Teen Titans which doesn't really make sense. All three of them were Titans pre-Flashpoint (though many forget about Jason) but not in new canon. I picked this one because it's my favorite of the bunch and connects with the Jason and Roy Heroclix to create a scene that seems to take place in issue #3. Kori looks amazing for such a tiny figure.

Of course there are more products including a t-shirt, the DC Universe Infinite Crisis Starfire figure. etc. I'm not sure if I'll cover anymore products or just get to a review on one of Starfires' old comic. If nothing else this should give you some ideas if you plan on shopping for any Starfire fans.

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