Saturday, November 15, 2014

Starfire Statues

I did say I was doing a Starfire month in November which might not have been a good choice because of the season. Still I wanted to do something for one of my favorite characters that often gets neglected or worse. For this post I'll be showing some of the products based around her comic book design. Which means this will not include anything from the cartoon.

I've already done a review on the Mattel figure along with figures of the characters' sister and alternate reality daughter as well as the new 52 Starfire done by DC Collectibles. While I never bought it (because it's too expensive) there's also the Tonner doll.
We'll be looking over some of the statues and busts in this post.

Koriand'r has a number of statues and busts from the old universe, new 52 and even an anime version. One statue being based on artwork from Hughs and another from Red Hood and the Outlaws artist Rocafort. I've never been into collecting statues/busts so I don't actually own any of these.

Rocafort new 52 Starfire

While I think he's a good artist he does seem to have trouble with posing women which comes and goes throughout RHATO as some issues are more natural than others. Kori isn't fighting or doing anything in this bust leaving it feeling a little confused. Granted the designing process have different model sheets and this one was approved so I can't blame Rocafort for the one that was chosen. The "bra" also looks very well...let's say odd for lack of a better word. It doesn't look right when translating the artwork to a 3D form. Of course it doesn't work with costume design but that's another topic.

New 52 Starfire Statue

This is a nicely sculpted piece, the pose just doesn't work for me. It needs to have the characters' strong personality. It doesn't have to be in the middle of a fun moment, it can be her in the middle of a battle and show her temper. If I was to collect statues I'd like to have something that gives the character a voice and be caught in a moment. That being said this is a good statue that has a different take on the flaming hair. Plus Kori has the more supportive "bra" from later on/

Adam Hughes Starfire

This is more playful with Kori having fun with the fact she has hair that
can easily be tripped over. Not the type of posing I'd be looking for in a Starfire statue but this has a of lot of personality. It's also fun to compare how this artists differ in their takes. Just the details in the hair for the first three statues have all been different. Painting also plays a big part as the skin tone seems to also vary.

Women of DC Starfire Bust (Dobson)

I liked the original skin tone they gave. Kori in the promo shots (Which is what I chose to show with Dobsons' artwork.) It's a nice orange hue while the final product apparently changed it to a more yellow tone making Kori look a little washed out. This is just Kori having pure joy at flying and the freedom it grants her, a staple of the character. If not for the change in paint apps this would have been my favorite Starfire statue/bust.

Anime Style Starfire

This is a lovely Kori with some truly epic hair. Oddly enough it's also the most suggestive piece. If the anime look isn't something you're fond of then this certainly isn't for you. I think this is a pretty solid piece that manages to blend the comic design with another style.

More Starfire products to come.

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