Monday, November 3, 2014

The Big Event After the Weeklies

Could DC just post what issues Booster is in? Because I'm not buying that many issues. I'm not sure I want to get any at the moment. Looks like I might be skipping DC for a couple months unless something catches my eye. The only series I know I'm getting in April is a Star Wars book so it might be some light reading. 


  1. If it's a bunch of appearances I can't get it anyway because of funds. I guess this is a "wait and see then if it sounds good trade wait."

  2. I can already predict that the answer is not enough for my liking. Perhaps someone will say when we get a little closer. We're still a long way from April's solicitations. (At least it's not like the 2-year lead time teases we got for FLASHPOINT.)

  3. Yeah I get the feeling if it's a lot of appearances it will be short cameos, likely in the background. Maybe something like the weeklies where we'll wonder where he'll turn up. Hopefully the solicits will reveal a clearer picture of Boosters' face time during this event.