Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hal & Ollie talk about Jason & Roy. Ollie is a jerk

Ollie died after Jason. How could anyone in the superhero community NOT know? Especially since Roy was best friends with Dick and according to this with Jason too. He wouldn't even call Ollie to say "Bruce was a jerk and Dick just found out Jason died from Alfred"?

I do like that this mentions Roy being close to Jason as they did get along during his Titan days. But that was after Roys' drug period, in fact Jasons' first mission was the one Cheshire revealed she had Roys' child. She does this in front of the two. It makes me incredibly annoyed that Ollie would think Roy introduced Jason to drugs and that resulted in his death. 

Not only does this show that he never moved on from learning of Roys' past addiction but it's incredibly naive for a guy like Ollie. Jason lived in Crime Alley. He had the chance to get addicted to drugs, in fact his step-mother was an addict. In one version she died of an overdose. If Jason did get addicted it would have been long before Roy met him. But Jason was the sort of kid that didn't want to show weakness or need anyone/anything on the streets. Interestingly enough there was another parallel between the two brought up with Ollie and Bruce later on. 

I'm actually amazed that Hal is coming off as the mature one putting up with Ollie. Granted I think this is back when he was trying to force Ollie back into the land of the living but in this scene he comes off well. 


  1. I have to admit that I liked this whole series, mainly because Ollie is such a MASSIVE jerk! It's awfully funny in many parts, but it does such a good job with all of the OTHER characters. Hal in particular comes off well, and believe it or not, so does Aquaman. And it introduced Mia, and I love Mia.

    But yes, when it comes to deluding himself, Ollie is the best.

  2. While Ollie was a massive jerk he was an entertaining jerk. I miss that Ollie. One of my favorite bits was the exchanged about Jason and Roy in Winicks' run where Ollie says Bruce was a horrible father. Bruce counters with what Ollie did with Roy and Ollie says "I never said I was perfect."

    "No on has."

    "Shut up."

  3. It's true, Ollie was an idiot, but he was a lot of fun...as you say, an entertaining jerk. Frankly, I think that's why the Justice League kept him around.

  4. I haven't been following the new Ollie but from what I heard he's not nearly as good as the old Ollie.

  5. WRT to the last paragraph, I think we all can agree on that are improved by Hal being dead.

  6. I'm not positive but didn't that Ollie only have memories up to thru the time he and Hal spent traveling the country? I'm thought that was the condition Ollie's soul made with Hal. He could recreate Ollie's body, but cut off the memories at a point where Ollie thought things were "good". In which case, I'm not sure Jason had even become Robin by then, let alone died. Maybe he had, my knowledge of DC's timeline is incredibly spotty.

    Either way, it doesn't change the fact Ollie's frequently a big loudmouth jerk, though I sort of give him a pass because I think he doesn't mean it so much as his mouth is a lot quicker than his brain.